Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 255 End His Life

This was what Michael feared. He knew that Jacob cared about Sara but was unable to express his love to her. And because of his inability to communicate, Jacob might hurt Sara more.

Michael knew that some wounds never healed. The more Michael thought about it, the more concerned he became that Jacob's bad temper would drive Sara away. He sighed at the thought. But that was more stress than his body could take. Michael burst into a coughing fit.

Michael's head slumped back on his pillow as his cough subsided. He took a shallow breath only to wince as pain coursed through him. He knew that he had no energy to address such an emotionally exhausting issue with Jacob. After all, he was already fighting for breath, and any that he took could easily be his last. Even if he tried to delay the inevitable, it would mean more suffering. Suffering in exchange for his life? Michael didn't know how much more he could take.

When he glanced around, Michael saw the concern reflecting in everyone's gaze. Sorrow filled his heart. There was nothing he could do to ease his pain. However, he couldn't bear to see the people around him suffering too. He had to do something to stop this. Perhaps it was time to end his life. He used all his strength to ring the bell by the bed.

The second the bell sounded, Jacob's head shot up. His mouth opened in a silent scream as desperation coursed through him. His father had made his decision. Now, the bell would summon the doctor, and that meant he would never see his father again. A deep sense of powerlessness swept over Jacob.

Sara, who had been standing by the door, was unaware of what had happened. To her, the bell sounded like any other in the hospital. However, to Jacob, it sounded like a death knell. Sara frowned when she saw Jacob's face suddenly turn deathly pale.

An ominous premonition rose in her heart, and she controlled herself from rushing in. The doctor said that Michael needed to stay in a quiet environment, which is why only one person was allowed to go in to see him.

That was why Sara could only stand at the door and wait anxiously. Meanwhile, James struggled to appear calm. However, he couldn't hide the complex expression in his eyes. He knew that his brother had made a choice that ordinary people could not make.

And although he knew what it meant, James had no intention of changing his brother's mind. Had it been him lying in the ICU, he would have made the same choice as Michael. But, he still couldn't accept that his brother had made a choice.

Ever since Michael had fallen ill, he had aged over ten years. He had grown so weak and incapacitated that it was hard for James to look at Michael without pity. He could understand his brother's situation, even if he didn't want to accept it. Michael had decided to call the doctor to save his family from more emotional trauma. Could there be a nobler sacrifice?

James closed his eyes as despair saturated every cell in his body. It had been many years since Michael had first been diagnosed with cancer. From that fateful day until now, James had steeled himself for this situation. The time when Michael would draw his last breath. James thought he was ready. And yet, a profound sense of loss and sorrow still filled him.

tears welled in James's eyes. The only other time James had shown such deep emotions was when he received the news of the death of the woman he loved. This was the second time in James's life when

for this eventuality for a long time. Or so he thought. Perhaps, when the average person was afraid of death, the great

was the difference between ordinary people and great people. Even though Michael might not deserve to be called a great man, his brother was a hero in James's heart. If James

brother. It was not his brother who made a choice, but fate. If the cancer hadn't relapsed, his brother might still

people can't change reality. Maybe one's destiny was set at

recovery. But now Michael was leaving, and he could do nothing to help. There are always so many things beyond people's

yet, he couldn't see the scene in front of him again. A few seconds later, he returned to his chair.

surprise. "What's wrong, uncle? Why have

Sara was seeing him like this.

more about now was Michael lying in the

in a person's life. Jacob had already experienced this pain once in his childhood. She didn't want to see him experience it again. She wished

as if someone had sucked all the air out of the room. No one seemed to move, not even to breathe. Sara peered inside and seemed to feel as though the surrounding space had

from holding back his

and replied, "We can only ease his pain. But there is no possibility of

It was almost as if hundreds of needles had pierced his heart. He hadn't believed it earlier. But now that he heard it with his own ears, the words were like

is like. Life forces people to face all the painful things they don't want

person wishes otherwise, destiny, fate, and reality would always come to pass. Jacob gazed at Michael. He still couldn't believe that his father's life would end

have you made up your mind? Is this what you want?" Although Jacob

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