Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 257 The Final Struggle

But Sara knew that there was nothing else they could do but to accept it. Fate, sometimes, really made people suffer. In despair, Sara closed her eyes. If only she could carry the pain Jacob was feeling right now, she would.

There was no need for him to say a word; Sara already knew how hard things were for him now. It was so hard to the point where she couldn't help but hope that it was just an illusion or a nightmare.

Now, all Sara could do was wait outside the ward, and wonder if James would be able to persuade Michael. However, it might be useless for James to persuade Michael now. Because he had already thought it through several times before finally he came up with a firm decision.

Sara's mind went blank. Only when James came out of the ward did she come back to her senses. She stood up excitedly and asked about what happened, hoping that he was able to convince Michael.

She hoped that Michael had changed his mind, and decided to fight for his life. Life was cruel, wasn't it? She had suffered a lot, and now it was Jacob who was suffering.

As she spoke, she cast a glance at Jacob, and then back at James.

"How did it go, Uncle James? Has dad decided to accept treatment?" It could be told that she was eager to know what Michael's final decision was. On the contrary, Jacob remained quiet.

Clearly, his father had already made up his mind. How could a few words change his acceptance to die?

As Sara waited for James' reply, she kept looking at Jacob and then back at him. However, he just heaved a sigh and shook his head, which broke her heart. It was enough to let the two know that Michael's decision couldn't be changed at all. James didn't have to say anything more. They all knew that it was hopeless, but James had tried his best. If it was what Michael really wanted, he would respect his decision.

Anyway, if it were him, he would have made the same choice. Even if they were not related by blood, James felt that Michael's life was the beacon of his life. He was very grateful that he had such a brother.

"Jacob, he wants to see you." His avoidance to Sara's question only meant that there was no room for negotiation. It was not the first time that Sara felt helpless in her life, but she didn't think she could ever get used to it.

as when Jacob stood and walked

stop him. Jacob stopped and swallowed hard. Then his tears fell down again, like a tap that had been turned

saw how Michael struggled

said it slowly, Jacob could clearly read his

"I... Am... Sorry."

open, Jacob turned his head to look somewhere else. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to stop himself from rushing in and pressing the doctor on the floor to give him a good beating.

he had promised to his father; and he didn't know if he would ever stop regretting it. But one thing was for sure: he

was no doubt that his father was going to die because of him. Even though it didn't seem to be the case in reality, Jacob still couldn't help

soon. For this reason, Jacob didn't know

absurd. Therefore, he just stood there

he speak when he had to watch his father die right before his eyes? The more he thought about it, the more it hurt. In the end, Jacob had lost control and rushed

at him, with a trace of surprise on his face. On the other hand, he understood why Jacob acted this way, because it was unusual for people to make such a decision. But he knew that Jacob only agreed to Michael's decision because he considered what his

never easy to make such a choice, no matter how reasonable it was. So,

you have changed your mind, the agreement can be

his best to maintain his composure. No matter how many times he had witness death and separation, he

he had to set aside his emotions and be professional. Therefore, he tried his best to calm himself down. Besides, the patients and their families were the ones who made the choice. He was just the

a few people in this world could control

was a counterattack to life, and this was also a resistance to living, even though it looked

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