Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 258 Laughing At Him

Michael forced a smile, but only he knew how painful it felt. It hurt so much that he almost felt it unbearable. However, his heart pained even more that he no longer felt it beating inside his body. Michael's heart was torn apart, making him feel lifeless.

"Dad... I can understand," Sara said in a low voice as she forced a smile, but tears continued to flow down her cheeks. But then, she immediately wiped them away and continued to smile at Michael.

She knew that she should not cry, for it would only stress Jacob out. Sara had no choice but to be strong, not just for her sake, but also for Jacob. However, she could not stop her tears. 'How determined does a person have to be to have made such a decision?'

If she had been asked to make such a decision, she would not have been able to do so as she still cared too much and was not willing to leave the world yet. Although she could sense that Michael had also felt just as reluctant, he had weighed the pros and cons of his decision before he chose death as his solution.

With kindness in her eyes, Sara looked at Michael, her heart filled with respect and sadness. Looking at him, she understood that death was rather simple, even though overcoming the fear of death was impossible.

"You may leave now... I don't want... I don't want you guys to look at me. So please, leave." Saying that, Michael closed his eyes, tears flowing down them. He felt fortunate that he was still in his senses.

Usually as people grew older, they would become more forgetful, and lose their consciousness. However, Michael was not like that. It was probably the only thing that made him feel happy in his old age. Although his heart warmed to see Sara and Jacob together again, sadness clouded his mind every time he thought that it was the last time that he would ever be seeing them.

He thought that if there really was a heaven, where people went to after they died, then he would bless them from heaven. Although he would not be with them, his blessings would always be there to help them.

To Michael's surprise, Jacob was the first one to walk out of the hospital ward, followed by Sara and James. The three of them walked out of the room in a very orderly fashion. Sara only hoped that the day would never stay in her heart.

However, years later, she understood that she had just hoped to remember it in another way.

Jacob looked at the hospital's hallways, lost in thought. It was the place his father chose to die. Thinking of that, he could not help but feel depressed.

He felt as though someone had caught hold of his heart and was squeezing it till he forgot how to breathe. Death was such a cruel thing that took a toll on the living. Jacob had almost forgotten his mother's death which happened when he was just a child, but looking at the hallway, that memory flooded his mind.

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