Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 259 I Was Fine At Last

One group thought Jacob held the moon and the stars in his hands, while the other did not care much for him.

He didn't have any experience at first, but now he did. It was impossible for him to please everyone as he grew up. Now, there were those who might try to take advantage of him.

Although he had the largest number of shares in the company, they would find a way to get what they wanted.

Jacob also thought of this. His father's death was only the beginning, and he knew this better than anyone else did. No one could protect him now. He would have to fight to keep his business.

"If someone says something unpleasant, don't take it personally," James said, gripping his cup tightly. It was important that Jacob stayed level-headed. He needed to secure his position as the leader, or else Michael's efforts would have gone for nothing.

"I know, Uncle James. I will do my best to ignore whatever they say." Jacob looked out of the window and glanced up at the sky. It was just dawn and there was a little light.

He turned around and read the time on the clock. It was still early, so he might not be meeting those people until much later.

How ridiculous! The first thing he did after his father's death was not to deal with the funeral, but to fix things at the company. Perhaps it was one of the many hardships that came with being part of a rich family.

"When I was young, I was terribly arrogant. I always picked fights with others, and I always went around causing trouble. If Michael hadn't dealt with the consequences for me, I wouldn't be where I am today." James took a sip of his water. The heat had dissipated, and it was cool enough to drink.

During the winter time, water got colder more quickly.

"Why? What happened when you were young, uncle?" Jacob asked in a low voice. The day before, he didn't say a single word. He was surprised to find out that he could still speak.

though his lips were moving, Jacob found the act of

tell you." James paused and took another sip of

told him. Such things were taboo. It seemed that he had locked away all his memories in a box. He had forgotten them over time, and they had gathered dust after all the years had passed.

pass on his memories now that his

they would be

too pathetic if he left this world

taboo. I just didn't want them to negatively influence you, so I never brought them up." James put down the cup. It seemed a little inappropriate to tell his story so

slowly. He couldn't wait to hear what James

goes. When I was young, I was so arrogant. Others always said that I brought trouble with me wherever I went. I found myself joining the underworld, while Michael got to work setting up

things of the past. He felt like they had just happened yesterday. However, his

that James had a troubled past, but he didn't

me as his right-hand man. After an accident took his life, I became the leader, and I ruled over all of the gangs

It was merely the beginning. I was not well-equipped to take on such a responsibility. I could only rely on myself. In the past, while I was in constant danger,

the window. The sun was

didn't know who might have been speaking about me behind my back. I poured a lot of effort into it. I really

so stubborn, maybe I wouldn't have become so lonely. Now, I fear that I will

already met the woman of my dreams. She was the love of my life. She was always by my side, and she didn't care about me being a gangster. She just wanted

It was hard to tell whether he was

However, he was wrong. His pain and regret were still

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