Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 260 As If It Had Been A Lifetime

At that time, James couldn't show a happy face. Because all these things made him rather feel extremely heavy. If it weren't for his elder brother, he would have jumped into the sea without second thoughts, wanting desperately to end his miserable life at once.

"After she died, I traveled to the seaside at one time. I vaguely recalled whether I was drunk that day. I only knew that the more I thought about it, the angrier I became. And when I finally found myself at the seaside, I started yelling crazily. And I didn't know for how long I had been standing by the sea when a sudden urge hit me making me want to jump down directly."

James sadly reminisced that fateful day. If it weren't for the two strong men who suddenly sprang up out of nowhere, he might have surely died.

"But I had no idea why I was suddenly hit by someone before I passed out. When I regained my consciousness, I was in the hospital. My elder brother was silently sitting in front of my bed. But I will always remember what he said. And it was what motivated me to live until today,"

James continued. He squinted his eyes slightly reflecting that he only admired a few people in his life, and his elder brother was indeed one of them.

"He firmly said that I had died once. And since he saved my life, he now had the right to decide whether I stayed alive or not in the future. And that he wouldn't let me decide on my own. Now it all seemed to me that my brother truly saved me. Although I couldn't help feeling lonely all the time, I could still say that I had a lot of fun in my life."

Eventually, at that exact moment, James felt relieved from the tight-knot feeling gnawing him soon after realizing he didn't have to live life like the way he used to. And this was way much easier than he could surmise. And for this reason, he came to an understanding of what he should do.

He joined his elder brother's company shortly. By then, not a single soul knew how powerful he naturally was. But even so, he earnestly showed a willingness to start from the bottom up, contemplating that what he needed the most in his present circumstances was to change his attitude towards life.

From then on, no matter how excellent and suitable those girls appeared around him and no matter how much they hinted or flirted with him, he just pretended to ignore them. So as time went by, no one dared show any affection towards him.

In his heart and soul, the only one he truly loved was gone. He could no longer open his heart and let himself fall in love again with others.

"Later, I joined the group. And I started from the lowest position, then ascended slowly to the deputy CEO. Sometimes, my brother made fun of me, teasing me that maybe the CEO position should be given to me. But I never had that desire. What I merely planned was to work hard to divert my attention,"

his late brother was. He considered him such a smart person who knew even these things. So, even if his brother offered him the position, James would

a lesson the hard way from his previous experiences, which subsequently led him to have had a change of mind. Now, he no longer gave a damn about the so-called fame and fortune in the world. In the past, James always felt that he couldn't slow down to relax. It was not until his beloved woman's

a handful of words could easily describe what had happened in decades, a long sigh of

his heart gradually became numb. He came

every time I try to recall what transpired in the past, I always feel like it was a dream. Especially yesterday when my elder brother died, I completely thought it was only a dream. I didn't expect that he would depart before me. I've been wondering over the years about how I would die in the future, but I have never realized it until

something not to be frightened of during those times. What he was more afraid of was the notion of having someone, who he loved deeply, forget him after his death. He was scared too that he

he could not escape. If it

elder brother had left them. To a certain extent, James was as sad as Jacob, but he didn't want to express it. If he

at him just because of this, but others might do so. Besides, kindness, as perceived by many, is not that imperative in the world

happiness, anger, or sorrow. No matter how excited or sad he felt at the spur of the moment, he would merely grab hold of these emotions and tuck them

that no one would sympathize with someone who didn't know how to cherish others. So whatever came his way, he openly accepted it, thinking he deserved

died yesterday. Although my brother's life is cut short, I think his life is more meaningful than mine. At least when he had everything, he always took time to cherish them. He is not like me. I only have a few things, but

silently vowed that in the days to come, he would fully take up the responsibility of his late brother and continue supporting Jacob to move

he tried, he wanted nothing but to strive to be happy for himself. Considerably, Jacob's life was different. He was young

when he wouldn't be able to help Jacob, still, he would certainly try his best to extend his utmost assistance to Jacob in any way he could. He would generously do this to thank his elder

together with his elder brother for most of his life made them equally dependent on each other. And it was the only comfort James had at that time when he felt down and low. At least he had a family who always got his back and chose to stay with him at his darkest moment. Even though this family member had no blood relationship with him, he remained committed and did not give

James's words, Jacob kept silent. Now, he finally understood James and where his gamut of emotions was coming from. And he perceived that it was somehow disgraceful to speak these things. Especially in today's society, James might be regarded and perceived as a bad

present, there was no clear distinction between good people and bad people, so Jacob didn't think that there was anything wrong with his Uncle

about it. Some people didn't even dare to admit that they didn't

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