Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 262 Can't Give In Easily

Everyone walked to the living room in silence. Jacob knew that it would not be appropriate to fight with Jonathan, so he remained patient and controlled his anger.

He knew that his father's funeral was the priority, and that, he could not lose control of his emotions at a time like that.

"We came here to discuss the way in which you will be handling your father's funeral." Saying that, Jonathan sat down on the sofa next to him, as though he was the one in charge of the situation.

Upon hearing his offensive and insensitive words, Sara cast a scornful glance at him. Although the others present there did not agree with the way he said it, they did not do anything about it as they too had personal grudges against Jacob. Everyone knew that Jonathan was hell-bent on causing trouble for Jacob, but they remained silent.

Considering the situation, Jacob decided to bite the bullet and not speak in haste. However, it was obvious that Jacob was more successful and capable than Jonathan. In fact, he was being calm even though Jonathan had pissed him off, which showed that he was the better man, and not Jonathan.

For some strange reason, Jacob felt as though he could listen to everyone's hurtful words, and yet not react to it. But then, he felt as though he had swallowed a fly when he heard those words from Jonathan.

Perhaps it was because of the fact that Jacob disliked him, and his disgust towards Jonathan was the reason he found his words particularly hurtful.

"I will discuss the matter with everyone present here today. My father has done a lot for our family as well as the company, and I think that we owe it to him to give him a remarkably grand funeral."

As he said those words, Jacob glanced at everyone present in the room, who nodded in reply to let him know that they had understood him. However, a few people including Jonathan gave him a smug expression and scoffed.

According to Jonathan, Michael's contributions had not just benefitted the Shi Group, but also Jacob, which annoyed him. Although the Shi Group was a family-run business, it was ultimately Michael's son who had become the CEO.

Hence, he thought that it was ridiculous to say that Michael had done a lot for their family. Jonathan thought that it was absurd as well as angering. He had heard a lot of silly excuses from Jacob before, but he had never seen him stoop that low.

"Your words are beautiful, and I am moved, but I think that you're just saying such things to get on the good side of those who are present here." Jonathan's voice was dripping with sarcasm, but no one said a word against him.

day, Jacob had been itching to slap him. Although it would not solve the problem, it would at least make him feel

calm as he did not want to risk losing his good reputation. Besides, his father had just passed away, and he could not bring himself to disrespect

him, he was left with no choice but to grit his teeth while he listened to him.

then, that did not mean that everyone else present there also had

Sadly, he has passed away and we owe it to him to give him a beautiful funeral,"

Michael, Shi Group would not have existed in the first

school me just because I am younger than you! Who became the CEO of the company? Was it

was rare for someone to speak up for Jacob.

glared at the old man, and wanted to remember his face. Because the moment he would be promoted to a more authoritative position, he was determined to take revenge on all those who had opposed him.

so he scoffed and stopped arguing with

clear that he only wanted to irritate Jacob. That was the reason the

changed by just a few words, so the old man knew that Jonathan would not

out. Although his older brother had passed away, Jonathan continued to be disrespectful to him. James could tell

Jonathan had gone too far with his words, but he did not want to stir up trouble at that time, so

knew that he had hurt Jacob,

from the couch and quickly walked to Jonathan. Jacob tried to stop him, but James grabbed

in pain. Everything happened within a flash. Until that moment, no one stood up to Jonathan,

I am going to slit

sweet and caring man. Even Sara had never seen him get so angry. It became obvious that Jonathan had taken

However, she did not have the strength to slap

doing? Let go of me!" Jonathan groaned in pain. He never thought that James would physically

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