Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 263 Not That Simple

"Well, since some people have expressed their opinions, I am going to give the rest some time to think it through. If a good idea strikes you, don't hesitate to bring it forward,"

Jacob said and stood up, his face bereft of any expression. Interpersonal relationship wasn't the only matter he had to deal with presently. A dozen other things were at the back of his mind.

They were a lot but he was going to deal with them one by one. The hatred he felt for Jonathan was quite strong. Every now and then, it surfaced, bringing an urge to teach him a lesson.

"Well, I have no objection. Concerning the matter of Mr. Michael, you can do as you please. Also, I am sorry," an elderly man said, sorrow evident in his eyes.

These were the most pleasing words Jacob had heard today. He remembered this man. He was his father's cousin.

Jacob couldn't bring himself to smile but he nodded his head to show his gratitude. Soon almost everyone present there consented with the old man's words. The only person who showed signs of hesitancy was Jonathan. However, his hand was still aching, so he couldn't muster up the courage to contradict them.

In the past, he had behaved quite unscrupulously, believing that no one could hurt him. But now, things were different. He had begun to learn James was a very capable man. In spite of this, Jonathan's attitude hadn't changed but he did a great job at suppressing his negative emotions.

Pain had taught him to become smart. He knew terrible consequences would follow if he continued to speak his mind.

Sara's scrutinizing gaze fell on him. If she had known it was so easy to shut him up, she would have taught him a lesson a long time ago. What Jonathan had done was inexcusable and disgusting. She was repulsed at the sight of him.

After the discussion was finished, people scurried out of the room. When almost everyone had left, Jacob let out a sigh of relief.

He lay on the sofa. His body was resting but several thoughts ran in his mind.

"Uncle James, do you know I was overcome by a strong urge to kill Jonathan?" Jacob stared at the ceiling in a daze. If it wasn't for James's support, he couldn't imagine what would have happened to him.

At present, James stood near the door. Hearing his nephew's words, he shifted his attention to him.

he replied without a second thought. What he said was true. Nobody wanted to kill Jonathan as much as he did. But he knew he couldn't do

been silent all this while, regarded Jacob with

was a silly question to

he said, narrowing his eyes. Recent events had made him stronger. It took a bad experience for a

family members. People stayed as long as they felt comfortable. Once they were done, they would leave. In such a wretched world, the best thing to do was to please oneself, rather than

contact with his family members. People mistook Jacob for an indifferent man but that wasn't the case.

wasn't the company's fault. It had to do with people and the endless desires they grew in their hearts. While his thoughts strayed, Jacob dwelt more on the desires that arose in people. Human beings were born with desires but some were capable

did his best to maintain a distance from them. He knew it wasn't possible to attain peace while in their company. After his father's demise, he was afraid that

choice but to leave. He spat at the door and said, "Bah! Like I care." Then he left hastily. The funeral was held two days later.

was clad

at bay, no one was given entry into

He looked like a prince. Next to him, Sara stood wearing a black dress. She looked noble and elegant in this

to the funeral, but those

to be grieving

entered the world letting out a cry and once they left the world, people who cared for them shed tears. Some were quite unfortunate for they left the world before

life was. As for him, he knew his

he realized he was doomed to live the rest of his life with this regret. People stood near Michael's gravestone and mourned for him. Watching this, Jacob wished to cry but he suppressed his

could spend more time with him. However, Jacob knew his dreams would never be fulfilled. The dead would remain dead and the ones who were left behind had

convinced that he was a stupid man who didn't know how to cherish things when

he had neglected taking care of his father. And when he had

down at him and laughing at

the back of his hand, he rubbed his eyes. Using all his might, he attempted to control the pain he was feeling. Then he stood watching others cry

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