Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 264 Father's Smile

Jacob followed Will out of the funeral home and into the courtyard. Only after making sure that they were alone, Will spoke.

"What happened? Tell me the truth." He was calm. Since he had overseen life thoroughly, he was not emotional, even though his close friend had passed away.

He was not crying inconsolably. A sad person usually never cried, and someone who was completely torn up would often remain calm instead of showing their emotions.

"My father's surgery was not unsuccessful. He woke up perfectly fine after the surgery, but then, he chose euthanasia." As Jacob said those words, he felt pain and sadness gripping his heart. It almost made him feel as though he was reliving that moment all over again.

"What?" Will shouted in surprise. He had never imagined Jacob to say such a thing.

Although he knew that Michael was an unusual man, it was odd even for Michael to have made such a drastic decision about his life.

"How could you agree to that?" Will asked as he looked at Jacob, who seemed to be sinking in a deep pit of sadness.

Jacob knew that that question would stay in his heart forever.

"I respect my father's choice because he had made countless choices in his life and fought hundreds of battles, even though it was usually about work. However, my father was a very wise man and I admire him. I think that he would make the right choice, regardless of the situation. I am proud to be his son."

Saying that, Jacob looked into the distance. After all, he was not lying. He admired Michael, regardless of whether he was with him or not.

According to Jacob, his father was the most powerful man in the world, a true hero.

Jacob was devastated because not only had he lost his father, he had also lost the man he had looked up to.

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