Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 265 Spilled The Beans

When James was on the verge of punching Jonathan, Jacob shouted and pleaded with him to stop. If James bruised Jonathan so violently today, he might try to stir more troubles for them.

Jacob knew Jonathan was capable of stooping very low. He was tired of tolerating this man. In the past, he had used plenty of opportunities to humiliate him.

Now, on Jacob's request, James came to a halt. His fist stopped a few centimeters away from Jonathan's face and everyone present gaped at them, their face a mask of shock. They wondered if Jonathan's words had any truth in them.

"What? Are you angry because I am telling everyone the truth?" Jonathan asked, his face turning malicious. Jacob had stopped James because he knew if he beat him up, everyone would believe his words were true.

In short, Jacob had stopped his uncle for their own benefit. Moreover, he had no desire to pick a fight at his father's funeral.

If a fight took place, not only the police would come, but several reports would follow suit. This was exactly what Jonathan wanted. He wanted Jacob to pay for everything he had done.

"Shut up. In all my life, I haven't come across a person as despicable as you," James said, raising his eyebrows. He was writhing with fury. Jonathan had constantly tested his patience.

In spite of this, he tried to hold back his rage. He knew he had behaved quite impulsively. He was thankful to Jacob whose words had persuaded him to let go of this terrible man.

Even now, it took a lot of effort for him to hold back the urge to tear Jonathan apart. This man's existence was a bane of humankind.

"Stop speaking rubbish! This is a funeral so show some decency. If you continue to lie, I can sue you for slander." This time it was Jacob who spoke. Like his uncle, he too was having a hard time holding back his rage. If this wasn't his father's funeral, he would have most certainly slapped Jonathan.

"You are quite an actor! Now that your truth has been exposed, you are trying to put the blame on me. In that case, do what you want. I have collected solid evidence! I am aware that Mr. Michael opted for euthanasia. Why did you lie to everyone? Why did you tell them his death was caused by an operation accident?"

Jonathan demanded, a smile making its way to his face. He looked calm and composed today. For some reason, he seemed to believe the victory would be his.

The people present were already beginning to look dubious. They loved and trusted Jacob so they had difficulty in believing Jonathan's words. However, the scene that had unraveled before them had stirred up curiosity within them. Now they kept wondering if Michael had indeed chosen euthanasia or his death was caused by an accident.

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