Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 266 What Do You Want Me To Do

Jonathan turned around and looked at Sara. She was indeed beautiful, but she had never even thrown him a single glance. Why would he be polite to her?

To his surprise, several strong men rushed to him and tied him up.

"What do you think you're doing? Who are you? Do you know who I am?" Jonathan screamed as these men began to escort him out. The funeral wasn't over yet, why would he leave?

"Behave yourself, or we will kick you out. We don't know who you are, and we don't care," one of the strong men warned him in a low voice. If it weren't for the funeral, they wouldn't let go of Jonathan so easily.

"Who are those people?" Confusion was written all over Sara's face as she watched those men drag Jonathan out.

"I guessed that it wouldn't be so peaceful today, so I hired those people." Hearing this from James, she felt relieved.

It seemed that the days ahead of them wouldn't be so easy. Today was supposed to be a peaceful day, but it didn't turn out that way, so maybe their lives would be harder in the future.

But moving forward, they wouldn't tolerate someone like Jonathan again.

All the people left after the funeral. Everything went well except for the fact that Jonathan was thrown out.

Jacob heaved a sigh of relief. The funeral had finally come to an end. But it didn't mean that the pain that his father's death brought had also ended.

If there was any consolation he could think of, everyone would also die in the end.

It was better to die with arrogance than to live without dignity.

After saying goodbye to the guests, Jacob stood at the door and put his arm around Sara's shoulder.

"Thanks for all your help these past few days, Uncle James, Sara."

Standing beside him, James replied without taking his eyes away from the passers-by, "You don't have to thank us. These are all what we should do." At that moment, Sara had the urge to give Jacob a warm hug.

She didn't say anything, but her gesture was enough to reassure Jacob that things would get better in the future.

like the flying catkins, haunting people's hearts. Fortunately,

hope that he wouldn't lose his remaining loved ones: James and Sara. Otherwise, he didn't know if he

has no one to celebrate with once he finally

to his father's tomb alone. It was really desolate after the death. Michael could only

colorful flowers in front of his father's tomb, but

bottle of wine and a

to have a good talk with his father. He wanted to tell him everything he had always wanted to say, and what he hadn't had the time to say yet.

legs crossed, Jacob thought first

my memory, you seldom laughed. I was always careful not to make you angry. Now I think I have missed too much time.

he opened the bottle and

father. So, he poured the glass of

Jacob lit a cigarette and took a puff before he spoke again.

because you loved my mother, but I know that you didn't do it

eyes, and for a few seconds, he couldn't see everything in

Jacob had a feeling that his father must know

such a terrible loss, he wouldn't have known

me how to be strong. I know that you must have hated

This was the biggest cemetery in the city. With so many people

would look back at the house secretly before going out. I always felt lonely when I lost my mother. But when you had time, you would take me out to play and participate in summer camps. So in the end, I became a cold but

realized that those were the most beautiful times of his life.

a peaceful funeral.

that a tear was about to fall from his eye, he took a drag on his cigarette. It was not good for his health, but it could ease his sadness. There were really people who found peace

think of what you want me to do if you are

He wanted to smile,

his ability to smile for the meantime.

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