Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 267 Difficult To Explain

Jacob wanted to know what Alice had been doing while she was abroad. He had been so busy lately that he had almost forgotten about her.

After informing his assistant, he rushed out of the company.

However, he felt particularly exhausted.

Perhaps it was because he had grown older, or perhaps it was the series of unfortunate events that had happened to him recently that made him feel so. He used to be a young and vigorous man, but now, he looked different. He seemed a lot more mature than he once used to be.

"Let's go to the Grand Square," Jacob ordered the driver as he got into the car.

Ever since Michael died, Jacob had begun to understand that he did not have to do everything on his own. Hence, he decided to hire a driver so that he would not have to drive around on his own.

As he thought about Alice, a strange sense of apprehension clouded his heart. In fact, there was no reason for him to think about her, but since his interest had been piqued, he could not keep his curiosity contained.

He was the kind of person who would always seek out the truth.

However, he could not understand the reason his heart longed for the truth, even though it was unnecessary.

He narrowed his eyes and waited till they reached the destination. But then, he could not help but feel nervous.

He felt as though he had lost many good things in life, including some of the most treasured memories that he once used to smile upon.

No one knew what Alice had been doing in the four years that she stayed abroad. Although he would know everything in due time, he still felt nervous.

If he learned something that was beyond his imagination, then his cherished memories would disappear into thin air. He felt as though he was betting on something, suspicious and worried.

With a blank expression, Jacob stared out of the car window. How many people's joy and sorrow was the city carrying? Even though he did not know the answer to that, he had always felt that the city was strong beyond his imagination.

regardless of how miserable its inhabitants felt, a city could never express it. There were

the seat and nestled his head on his hands. He used to hate sitting like that, but now, he found the position comfortable. He felt as though he could compare the past to

not put a finger on how things had

arrived at the Grand Square, Jacob got out of the car and stood at the entrance, staring at

not find "Generalist" anywhere. That moment, someone touched his

while since we met," Jacob said in a soft voice. He was not sure if he was doing the right thing by meeting

right there, so why don't we go there and talk?" "Generalist" replied, pointing at the restaurant which was across

felt that it was indeed a decent looking place. He followed the detective

I asked you to investigate? Have you

have... But let's eat first, and then we can discuss all about your issue." As he spoke, the

Jacob remembered that Thompson had been missing for quite a

had been facing. Although he was also having issues, he knew that Thompson would be dealing with his own fair share

a reassuring smile. He seldom made mistakes in

you." Saying that, Jacob reached for the wine bottle. Drinking had become a customary part of his meeting with the

remind you that your cousin is not a simple man... You need to be careful with him." Although the detective looked expressionless,

am not going to take him so lightly ever again," Jacob replied, pouring himself some

about insignificant things for a while. However, Jacob was very determined about

and grabbed

I understand." The detective looked at him with a serious

him to worry about me. I will talk to him about this when I need to,"

Jacob put on his coat and left. Even though it was the spring season, it was still rather cold. As Jacob headed home, he wondered

for him to marry her again under the circumstances. His father had just passed away, so although he did not

live with him, and that annoyed him. Moreover, Jacob found it a challenge to propose the idea of marrying

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