Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 268 It's Too Late Now

However, it was too late to say that now.

"She's all right, but she has been causing some troubles lately. She often asks to see you and says that it is illegal for you to do so..." Cindy repeated Alice's words. She had witnessed how the couple wanted to see the other suffer.

Jacob scoffed as he replied, "Illegal! Let me make things clearer for her. If she wants to live as she pleases, then it is best if she stayed abroad and never returned."

Jacob's voice was stern. He thought about the investigation reports and could not help being angry. He had cared for her during the four years that she spent living abroad, but she had completely forgotten about him back then.

"Mr. Jacob, didn't you say that you would let her return?" Cindy reminded him, but after seeing that he was not pleased with her words, she regretted mentioning it.

"Don't worry about that for now. Let's have a meeting in ten minutes to discuss about the company's development in the future. The company's performance had plummeted because of the explosion that happened, but it is now time to think of a solution that can solve the issue."

Jacob was no longer interested in talking about Alice. In fact, the very mention of her name disgusted him, so he changed the topic.

"All right, sir. See you in the conference room in ten minutes, then."

With that, Cindy walked out of the CEO's office. She could tell that Jacob was furious and figured out that it must have something to do with Alice.

Jacob frowned as he picked up the documents from his desk and glanced through them. The past felt like a bomb that was ticking in his hands.

The truth in the investigation report had crushed all of his beautiful memories of the past. Thinking of Alice, he felt like an idiot.

The moment Jacob entered the conference room, he saw that Jonathan was sitting in his seat. Although Jacob had not stepped down from his position, Jonathan had dared to take his seat before he even became the CEO.

Upon seeing Jacob walk in, Jonathan laughed and joked, "I just wanted to see if this seat was any better than the others. I did not expect that you'd walk in."

The others did not say a word. They remained indifferent as though they had not heard him.

Jacob scoffed and chose to ignore him.

darkened. He hated that regardless of his efforts to irritate Jacob, he

his fists and placed them on the table as he sat

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past year, and the reports," Jacob said and signaled to Cindy.

the business plan, and the reports from everyone

narrowed his gaze at those who were submitting their reports. Although Jonathan didn't understand

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to Jacob, who slammed it on the table. Everyone in the room, except Jonathan seemed so shocked that they began

submitted it." Saying that, Jacob stood up and

to the papers as he regarded them as his family. He believed that as long as the company

facing a critical situation, Jacob could not remain calm as he watched everyone still treat

Mr. Jacob," a middle-aged man replied in a shaky voice. He was about forty years old and thought that

been doing at the company, if you haven't even prepared a detailed report? Don't think that I can't fire you because you're one of the directors of the company. I will give you

advantage of his kindness, he decided to punish

authority? Could the company have gotten to the place it is now without the help of its directors or shareholders?" Jonathan asked, rolling his eyes at Jacob. He wanted to seize the opportunity to win over the

them, then they would speak up for

that you misunderstood me. I meant that... If you can't do your job, then you should take

snort, which scared everyone in

though someone was choking him, because he had handed the same report that he did the

the company's plan," Jacob said softly as he sat down, but people could tell that

"Isn't there even one person who can speak up in a reputed

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decline in the company's revenue this quarter should have happened because of the explosion. However, it seems to be temporary. The Managing Department has already started

his eyes at him as he asked,

manager was stunned.

you two hundred million dollars for advertising, and yet, you can't seem to answer one simple question, can you?" Jacob was so angry that he felt like his head was about to explode.

going well for the Shi Group now, and if they continued to

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