Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 269 A Warning To Others

Different thoughts rushed through people's minds when they saw what had happened to Jonathan. Everyone held their breath, and no one dared speak.

However, the security guards did just as the boss ordered. Jonathan's threats meant nothing to them.

They rushed towards Jonathan. "The president has asked you to get out."

"Fuck off! Who the hell are you? How dare you block my way? I'm one of the most important directors here. I advise you to be wise. If you offend me, I will see to it that you will pay."

Jonathan stuck his chin out. Then, he leaned into the chair and propped his feet on top of the conference table. Everyone knew what he was like. He didn't care about authority, and he certainly didn't care about the security guards.

'Ha! I'd like to see them try to kick me out. They will be sorry!'

"Why haven't you thrown him out? Are you waiting for me to do it myself?"

Jacob snorted sternly. Was no one going to subdue such an arrogant prick?

Hearing what Jacob said, the security guards began to close in on Jonathan. He immediately rushed towards Jacob at full speed. He wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Jacob, on the other hand, just watched as Jonathan ran towards him. He didn't even flinch.

Jonathan poised his arm to punch Jacob, but something stopped him. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain shoot up his arm. He looked up and found a pair of wrinkled, old hands gripping his fist. It was James again. This time, he was using more strength than he previously had.

"What?! What are you doing? Let go of me, old man!" Jonathan cried out in pain. What happened before was nothing compared to the pain he felt at that moment.

"I already told you to watch yourself. You have no right to act so wildly and just do things as you please. You are such a nuisance!" James let out a cold snort and tightened his grip on Jonathan's hand.

him out of here!" James shouted at the security guards who had been standing by. They hadn't

so much pain that large beads of sweat rolled off his

a ferocious warning. Jacob had disgraced him in front of so many people. He would pay for this

to get rid of the security guards, who were still holding onto him tightly. His

though he was


It was as if everyone knew that something was just beginning. In the past, no matter how rude Jonathan was to him, Jacob

day, it was obvious that Jacob had had enough. Everyone present knew that it was a warning to all those who dared to cross

or else they would

and looked at everyone present. Some of the company's directors and executives were there, looking right back at him. He had been

the meeting room. They were all probably spoiled by him, too. Jacob decided that he wanted to reinvent himself

Jonathan does? I'm not threatening you. I just hope that you can stop

the table and looked around the room. No one including the senior ones and

further anger Jacob. After all, if they provoked him further, something terrible might happen. They might turn out like Jonathan.

Jacob, you are right. He should've been kicked out earlier. He doesn't obey the rules at all. He is merely a director, while you are the president. He never treats you with respect, and he talks to you like you're one of his subordinates. I know you've had enough of his antics, which is why you had

of the older directors spoke up. Jacob didn't expect that.

do their jobs. I had no choice but to do that. It's good

well-known for his arrogance. Generally, people steered clear of him. He also wasn't

so. Jacob was quiet for a moment. He studied the faces of the people around him

be the ones he would need

look. James stood up and coughed. In the next few seconds, he whipped out a folder containing the newly written rules of the company.

today on, the company has new rules. Please be informed, and keep them in mind." James took out a piece of paper and held it out in front of him. There weren't that many words on it, but its

heard about the new rules. Why did they have to follow them?

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