Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 270 Support The Family

One of the elder directors stood up and his eyes darted towards all the angry faces in the room.

"We're already so old, but we still have to come to the company to clock in? Isn't that too much?" His gaze finally landed on Jacob. The man looked like he could already pass up as the boy's uncle.

After finishing his words, murmurs of agreement echoed throughout the room as the others nodded their heads simultaneously. Since the meeting started to discuss issues that would affect their own interests, they naturally did not underestimate it.

It was a difficult negotiation and both sides were almost evenly matched. Changing the whole rules in such a short amount of time would be impossible. However, the directors couldn't remain as comfortable and free as before as well.

"According to the national rule, one can retire at the age of sixty. Some of you are already about to reach the retirement age. Regarding this case, why don't we make a compromise? Those who have reached fifty eight years old will not need to clock in and they can work at home. The rest must come to the company and clock in. How about that?"

Jacob placed his hands in front of him, acting as if he was considering everyone when he made the suggestion.

Almost everyone wore a frown on their faces. There were only a few people in the room who had reached that age. Obviously, the rest still needed to clock in.

"So, is there anyone who's going to question the CEO's decision?" With a serious look on his face, James glanced at all the people present. It was now impossible for Jacob to back down since he had already made a compromise.

The board members only looked at one another, their eyes filled with hatred met in silence before lowering their heads. Although Jacob also acted cold and ruthless in the past, he still allowed room for argument. This time was different. He was stricter now, and there was no room left for others to voice out their opinions.

Not that one of them had dared to say anything. Everyone was too afraid that Jacob would reprimand them.

"Since there is no objection, let's talk about other rules next." James nodded towards Jacob.

all going according

rule had already taken away part of their freedom. More rules would mean more suffering.

will be paid not based on the amount of hours but

who originally thought about this rule but his nephew. He couldn't help but admire the proposed idea. It could actually motivate a lot of the employees

is too much! What if none of us were able to achieve the goal? If we will not be able to get what we want and deserve, who will

the board in front him. They were all too

we know that we have done enough work and how should the salary be distributed?

easy to distribute the salaries equally. If it will be difficult to calculate, then it will be even more difficult to implement it. No one has a single

the ones practicing this. Why


will be bad if all of us will lose our motivation to work. We'll just end up being worried over these rules all day long

assistant couldn't help but frown. These people in front of her were protesting when they clearly earned money without even having to work. All they wanted was easy money. This was the main reason that it was very necessary

expected them to react like this as soon as the terms

the minimum. What we'll do is we are going to choose the average performance in your

his trump card, lest anyone would still dare to bargain. If the highest requirements were laid out from

atmosphere inside the room was tense. He could see everyone's dissatisfaction

wasn't happy about the decision of their CEO. Even though there was clear hatred towards Jacob, he didn't care at

CEO's words, right? He is very kind that he always considers all of you every time. If our directors had always prioritized the company's best interests, then these rules wouldn't have been made in the first place. However,

Things wouldn't have been this difficult for everyone if there were other ways. Right now, the company was facing a

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