Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 271 Pertinent Suggestions

The directors stared at Jacob expressionlessly. None of them dared to show even the slightest hint of emotion. They were undoubtedly furious. However, they remained silent. They knew if they expressed how they truly felt, they risked losing their jobs. Besides, their words wouldn't work at all.

The example of Jonathan was still fresh in their minds. And so, everyone was still afraid. Nervous energy continued to grow in the room. The aura in the room became stifling once the silence compounded the tension. Everyone stared at Jacob. Soon, the silence was broken.

"Mr. Jacob, please think about us. I know the company is in a crisis now, and its performance has indeed fallen. But we didn't cause the explosion. We didn't wish for it either. Isn't it unfair to let the directors bear the consequences?"

An older man tried to persuade Jacob to change his mind.

"Yes, boss. We are middle-aged people. As such, we have the greatest need for financial stability and consistency. After all, we each have to consider expenses such as children's education and buying a house. If we contribute more to the company, we will have nothing left. How will we survive?"

"Mr. Jacob, you can't do something like this. Your decision is akin to killing a chicken to get an egg. Haven't you considered long-term gains? We are old, and we have tried our best even though we don't make too many contributions. The company can't abandon us. We can accept the first two conditions. But the third provision is unfair. Sacrificing ten percent of our bonus will not bring many benefits to the company. But the bonus is of great importance to us."

Almost everyone felt dismayed enough to cry. They couldn't accept the rule that the company would take the money directly. But they didn't know what they could say to convince Jacob to reconsider the decision.

Many people were old. If they gave their bonus to the company, wouldn't it be equivalent to making contributions to the company for free?

No one here was so great. Even the most honest people would fight for their benefits. Why should they be any different?

Jacob stood, ready to speak again. Everyone held their breath in anticipation. They hoped that Jacob had considered more reasonable terms. Perhaps he would ask for five percent. The directors might even agree to eight percent. Nobody was sure what number he would quote. But one thing was for sure. For Jacob, this was just a number. The consequences, however, would be borne by the people in this room.

the directors had been expecting this. They had been completely unprepared for this situation. They would continue to resist Jacob if he

I don't mean to make things difficult for you. But mine is a valid argument. The better the company's

negotiation was going just as he had planned. Although Jacob had brought up the bonus on the spur of the moment, he had found the

planned to make a five percent concession. They knew that the number wasn't large enough to merit refusal. But it was sufficient to give the company the funds it needed. However, now, Jacob had

thought they were being manipulated. As long as the first two requirements were met, the company would not lack funds. Jacob's negotiation skills and efficiency were better

Jacob was reasonable. As long as they had their bonus, they didn't care about the first

directors felt relieved enough to smile. They were, indeed, grateful that Jacob had listened to their concerns and reconsidered. If Jonathan were here, the negotiation wouldn't have been as successful. But it was also thanks to

three terms are restrictions on everyone. He has benevolently agreed to start an encouragement system. Starting next year, all directors will be rewarded with two million cash if their business or performance increases by over 10% every year. There is one non-negotiable criterion. Your performance can't decrease this year and rise to the same

gauge everyone's reaction. Generally speaking, the new energy industry had such tremendous potential that even 50% growth was possible. But the company was asking for 10% growth in a year. It was a

life, opportunities and challenges coexist. This situation was no different. It was impossible for Jacob not to give the directors some benefits after the first blow. This was not

first three terms are hard to accept, the fourth one is quite good. Last year, my performance grew by 13%.

The project manager was so excited by the thought that he jumped to his feet. It was almost as if he had already achieved the

yet. Remember that the reward will be proportionate to the revenue generated by your department's growth or performance. It may be less than two million,

the hostility they had shown earlier had almost dissipated. Still, a few people pulled their chairs closer and began to whisper amongst themselves. This reward was

the meeting had started on such a dire note. And the news that they would have to forfeit their bonus had worried everyone. Even when they hoped that Jacob would reconsider, none in this room had dreamed that he would offer

when he saw the others in the room so full of excitement. Since the incentive had brought such energy to the

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