Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 272 So Nervous

"Well, since you all have no objections, let's conclude the meeting. Cindy, please stay back, but the rest of you may leave now." Jacob lowered his head and started sorting out the documents. Since the meeting was a success it mean that he would not have to deal with those troubling matters any longer.

Everyone left, leaving James, Jacob, and Cindy in the conference room. Cindy stretched her arms while making sure that everyone was gone. And once they were out of sight, she closed the door behind them.

"Do you remember everything they said during the meeting?" Jacob asked in a calm voice as he looked at Cindy. James sat down from across him.

"Yes, sir, but I wasn't sure if I would remember everyone's words correctly, so I recorded it. I will listen to the audio later and note down everything that each one of them has said,"

Cindy answered respectfully, even though she could not understand the reason behind Jacob's request. Although some of what the people said during the meeting was a bit unusual, they were only doing it to protect their interests. It was understandable for Cindy.

She just could not understand the CEO's actions, but she trusted him enough to believe that he must have had some reason behind it. Hence, she decided not to think too much of it.

"Okay, once you're done, give me all the materials that you've collected, including the audio tape. The sooner, the better. Do you understand?" Jacob asked, lifting his head and looking her in the eye.

"Yes, sir, I do. I will get started on sorting out the materials, then, Mr. Jacob." Saying that, Cindy gave him a nod and walked out of the conference room.

"What do you think, Uncle James?" Jacob looked at James blankly. His father's death had impacted him greatly, and he still had not moved on yet.

Perhaps, time was the only way to fix things for him. Jacob tried his best not to think about his father's death, but it had happened just a few days ago, and his memories of that terrible day were still fresh.

Since it was such a painful scar in his heart, he just could not let go that easily. He could not understand a lot of things that were going on in his life.

He would never have threatened people like he did during conference, unless he had no choice. In fact, he knew that he had offended everyone at the conference. Although most of them seemed to have understood him, he knew that it was all just temporary.

hearts. Hence, Jacob would have to be on guard at all times. After the conference that day, he already knew

appear intimidating to them and let them know the rules of the company.

job, but I wasn't expecting you to announce a reward in the end. Anyway, your words are going to cost the

but he appreciated what Jacob did.

contributions for the company's development are going to be huge... It might even

with a shrug, pretending to be calm. Although things were still quite serious, he

day was not a

idea for you to be so relaxed about it," James advised. Looking at Jacob, he knew that his life was not smooth. However, he had faith in him and knew that he would find a way to get through the tough phase

these things without your help, so I need you to stick around, okay?" Jacob said in a low voice, patting his uncle

exhausted. It seemed as though he had used up all of his energy

rest, but now, that seemed impossible to him. Moreover, the moment anger surged in his heart, it ate up all

tired after the meeting that he could barely feel his limbs. However, since James

Michael passed away, Jacob had been feeling limp, as though someone had sucked the life out of

grief was not permanent. Time was the answer to his problems, and it could change his life.

date with Sara. Sara was also quite worked up after Michael's death that

sent a text message to her. "My darling Sara, are you free this afternoon?

Sara texted back. "I'll pass, I am

thinking for a moment, he decided to

his ear while he took the teacup that was on

at a salon," Sara replied with a smile and

doing to your hair? Are you alone? I am coming to see you now," Jacob asked anxiously as he lifted the

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