Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 273 All The Streets And Alleys

Sara rested her head on her hand as she looked at Bess with a serious expression.

"You seem happy to be with Jacob. How about we get married on the same day? Wouldn't that be amazing? We'll even have our anniversaries on the same day!"

Bess exclaimed with a mischievous grin, which made her look cute.

"I can't get married now. It hasn't been long since Michael passed away. I think we're going to have to wait another year and a half before we can get married again."

Sara rested her chin on her palm, deep in thought.

Bess shrugged, her shoulders almost touching the hot, hooded hair dryer that was on her head.

"Looks like we won't be getting married on the same day, then. But when are you planning to get marry?"

Bess asked with a doubtful look. She was certain that a complicated love story like that of Sara and Jacob's should have a happy ending. She was worried that if they waited any longer, more problems would show up.

"I don't know, okay? Relax... I don't need a marriage certificate to validate our love. A certificate isn't all that unique, nor is the promise of one's heart to another. I just want to feel our love myself,"

Sara replied with a shrug of her shoulders and placed her hands on Bess. She was pleased to see that her best friend would be a bride soon, and that, she was happy.

Bess touched Sara's hand and said, "I know life hasn't been easy for you, Sara. Although we are going to get married, you know that I am always going to be there for you, don't you?"

"I know, Bess. Seeing you happy brings me joy like nothing else could. Regardless of what happens, we're never going to move apart." Saying that, Sara pressed Bess's hands gently.

After a few hours, Bess's hairstyle was finally set. She insisted that Sara permed her hair, but Sara refused as she was afraid of the heat.

Once Bess's hair was dry, she looked perfect.

Bess looked beautiful. Her cheeks were flushed and her long hair cascaded over her shoulders in big, bouncy curls. She looked stunning in the black jacket that she was wearing. Sara often complimented on how flawless her skin was.

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them for friends. 'Are they lesbians?' he wondered.

pity that they're homosexuals! They look so beautiful... It's no wonder that a lot of men are

walking out of the salon, Sara and Bess saw Jacob and Noah waiting for

two laughing so hard?" Noah and Jacob asked in unison, smiling at them.

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burst into laughter. It seemed as though they

a while since Noah invited me to dinner. Have you been saving up all your money for the wedding?

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all the money! You never once invited me to dinner ever since you two got married the first time. Is Sara not letting

Sara with a smile. Every time he looked at them, he could not help but feel glad for them. Things were

leave the restaurant plan to me." Sara got in Jacob's car. Jacob was stunned to

Sara is inviting us, so you guys don't have to pay a dollar!" Bess said

does she have to make us look like a joke?' they

they arrived at Chongyang Hotpot Restaurant, Sara blinked.

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as Sara's mother hailed from the southern region. Sara's mother hailed from Chongqing or

restaurant in the city. She had gone to every street and alley in the city, looking for delicious food. Her mother was a woman who loved life. If she had the opportunity, she would have

she had inherited her love

married Jacob, she had stopped eating spicy food and maintained a healthy lifestyle. Now, she was naturally happy to eat her favorite spicy meal.

child, she used to dream about traveling the world to eat. Thinking

warm us up. Besides, you like spicy food, don't you? So, let's eat spicy food!" Jacob said with a smile as he stopped the car

Sara immediately opened the door and jumped

here!" Sara called out to them as she waved to Noah. She then closed the car door shut behind her. Jacob stood a few steps

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