Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 276 Glib-tongued

"I know exactly what you are saying. I know you loved me then and I know you love me now. I feel it." Sara leaned against Jacob's chest, taking pleasure in listening to his steady heartbeat.

He reached out his hand and gently caressed her smooth shoulder. "This house is located in the suburb. We could have the pleasure of enjoying the fresh air here. I think we should spend all our weekends here. Besides, ever since my father passed away, I have been thinking about selling the old house."

"Selling? What will happen to James? And how can you part with our father's memories?" Sara sat up straight. His words had caught her off-guard. Her face was red with shock. She couldn't believe he had actually said those words.

"Don't worry. You need to relax. I will take care of it. I admit that house contains so many good memories of my father. But then again we don't live there. I wouldn't like to leave it empty. And now that we have bought a new house, I don't see the point in keeping that one."

After speaking, he heaved a sigh and stared at the ceiling. Perhaps this was an act of selfishness. But truth be told, he was afraid of that house. If he returned there, he would end up recalling everything that had happened. As a consequence, he would once again get engulfed in guilt.

"Okay, do as you please. After all, it's your house," Sara said, realizing it wasn't right to tell him what to do. She hoped he would give this another thought. She wouldn't want him to regret his decision.

"Hey, I have decorated this room with a new and unique style. Are you pleased with it?" Jacob changed the subject. He stood up, put on his clothes and took a look around.

The bed was quite large and was in the beautiful shade of red. Merely looking at it brought warmth to people. In addition to the photos, there were several splendid paintings attached to the wall. They weren't drawn by famous people but in spite of that their presence gave an artistic vibe to the place.

Sara stood up, put on her pajamas and got ready to inspect her surroundings. She followed Jacob out of the room.

There was a big French window in the living room. Jacob had been careful to set many security equipments outside, but they weren't easily found. Once she looked around, Sara realized everything about this place was perfect. She could easily tell Jacob had put a lot of thought into this.

"When exactly did you do this?" she asked, picking an object from the living room table. This was quite a surprise.

She couldn't imagine the time and cost it took to collect these beautiful items. A smile crept onto her face when she realized how considerate this man was.

"Well, it's no big deal. Let's just say it was a piece of cake. Hey, did you see the lamp. It's over there." Jacob raised his hand and pointed his finger at the light in the living room.

her eyes followed Jacob's finger. The light was a little yellow. It was a hanging lamp

lamps were used and scattered in every corner, creating a large chandelier. The light was dim and there was something quite

said, her voice brimming

his arm around her shoulder and stared blankly

she asked and turned to look at him. His words had stirred curiosity in her.

own. And then, I made someone

Jacob's mouth, she pulled him closer and

mouth and obliged happily. After a while, he regained his senses.

if he had just dreamed the whole thing. He stared at her.

if I didn't reward you," Sara replied shyly. Her face had turned crimson. Together, they went to the second floor and Jacob was eager to

Holding her hand, he guided her to the balcony. Behind the balcony was

and these trees looked like travelers,

families around? Perhaps there's a house behind," Sara mused. This place was spectacular. She had never seen such a beautiful place before. However, she felt certain that somebody else lived there. After all, these trees weren't used

I bought it," he said, hugging her

heart was thudding against her chest. The atmosphere was quiet and romantic.

sky, giving them a clear view of the beautiful night ahead of them. Some stars were shining bright.

place was like a whole new world. Everything about it was

are fruit trees. We can watch them bear fruits in the future. I am eager to watch you experience an idyllic life. Also, you can also keep poultry in the fruit garden if you like,"

blush. His hot breath was making her feel things. She nodded her head as she found it hard

came from having an understanding partner. Jacob knew what she wanted and was willing to turn her dreams into

at the dim lights in the distance, Sara gathered this place wasn't exactly in the suburb. It was located at the edge of the

desired to bake cakes. Somehow, I never had the time to do it. Being here in this beautiful place, I am assured I can take time out to do it," she said as she blankly

you are happy, I am happy," Jacob said lovingly and

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