Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 280 It Wore Him Out

"Here, take it. Let's have dinner first and then afterwards you can talk to Bess. Did you say something mean? Young people are often impulsive. You might just regret it in the future."

Jacob waved his chopsticks in the air. He seemed to be recounting his own past experiences.

"Yes. You're right. You and Sara are the best example." Noah livened up. He had no appetite but still decided to pick up some food.

"Okay. As long as you think it through." Jacob let out a soft smile and reached his hand out to pour a glass of wine for Noah.

Noah held up the glass. "By the way, don't tell Sara this. She might get a bad impression of me."

"It's none of your business if I tell her. Besides, why do you still care about what Sara thinks of you?" The ends of Jacob's mouth formed a deep frown. He remembered the impression he had left on Bess before. What Noah said seemed to be reasonable enough.

"You don't understand how a girl's friends' opinion can influence her impression of a man." Noah shook his head. 'Who said that Jacob's EQ had improved?' He hadn't noticed.

"You're right." Jacob sighed. He recalled how him and Sara didn't get along with each other at first, so he'd better not tell it to Sara.

After they had dinner, Noah left hurriedly. They didn't get married but Bess was fuming with rage that she stormed home. In the future, if she got this angry again, would she make a huge fuss out of it?

Jacob stared at Noah as he quickly went on his way. He then let out a deep sigh. The Shi Group was suffering from a decline period. Although two hundred million is a modest amount, it was not easy for the company to place two hundred million dollars for its working fund.

He had hoped that Noah would hold on, and nothing would happen to his company. Otherwise, the money he loaned Noah would not be repaid to the Shi Group.

Jacob rubbed his temples. It was sunny outside. The sun that shone in the springtime didn't scorch the skin. It beamed on people's bodies softly, making their appearance look sickly as they walked under the blazing sun.

Jacob narrowed his eyes as he walked briskly inside the company. Since James was still in the company, so Jacob didn't need to worry too much.

hadn't gone to the company, he would

company, he overheard two directors. They discussed that the CEO hadn't come to work until the afternoon.

slightly peered his eyes. The new company regulations had just been announced and resent was apparent in everyone's faces. Now that Jacob heard what they said, he couldn't possibly rebut. What they said

and prepared to sit down, he heard

to flip through his documents. Lately, he had gotten increasingly annoyed just by

today?" James asked anxiously as

I don't come to the company. What's the matter?" Jacob raised his head and met his eyes. His face displayed a look

tough spot. It's best that you come to the company on time every day." James' mouth formed a deep

seat, James… You can tell me slowly. So, what's wrong with the company?" Jacob raised his eyebrows. He

to inform him. As a result, when he finally arrived at the company, he asked to see you. I told him a few words to drive him away, but he told me he got the goods. He said that even the company's own CEO couldn't arrive on time, so they decided that they wouldn't arrive

time, James was so furious that he couldn't come up with a response. The thought of Jonathan made him realize that it would be a big trouble for Jacob in the future. Before, he could comfort Jonathan. But ever since Jacob was appointed president, he

come to the company on time


finger and lowered her

a small sigh. He then stood up from his chair. He made his way to Cindy and circled around her two times. It

with you today, boss…" The

serious? Does it scare you?" Jacob stopped

on top of his desk. He had never done that before, but

of me?" Jacob scowled. He was deeply saddened that the person he trusted

herself. She thought about all she had done for the company and that

see me in this company, although it doesn't really bother me nor matter. But I

as if he couldn't care

She looked slight embarrassed. 'Does the president know something? Maybe that's why

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