Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 281 Being Upset

No one had the same amount of patience or energy that they had when they were young. Although Jacob understood that as he grew older, he never once talked about it.

He felt exhausted as the matters related to the company were getting more and more tiresome with each passing day. An unusual sense of disgust grew in his heart, but he could not stop it.

He could only let those thoughts hover in his mind until those thoughts drifted away on their own. However, such feelings seldom disappeared without a trace.

It had become common for people to get depressed. Jacob used to believe that they must have been overthinking things, and that was what caused them to be upset, but now, he did not think so. Regardless of how things went, there were people who could not let go of their memories that easily.

Jacob fell asleep on his seat, feeling tired. Although it was spring, he felt a bit cold.

All of a sudden, his phone rang, waking him up. He looked out the window and saw that the sky was as dark as the night. The phone's screen was flashing a faint green light.

"Hello, Uncle James! I am still at the company." Jacob touched his face and felt it to be as cold as ice. He quickly got up and turned on the light.

In an instant the bright white light filled the room, making it feel as though it was still daytime. Jacob closed his eyes, unable to look at the dazzling light.

"Sara just called, asking me if you were home. I checked your room, but didn't find you there," James replied with a faint cough.

"What's wrong, Uncle James? Do you have a cold?" Although Jacob heard it clearly, it was rare to see James coughing.

"I'm fine, it's just a slight cold. Come home soon, it's getting late. If you have any work to do, you can finish it tomorrow. Don't try to finish things in a hurry now." As James said that, he coughed again.

After Jacob hung up the phone, he looked out the window. Most of the lights in the city were off. And the entire area was pitch black. Jacob glanced at the clock and saw that the time was already past 1:00 a.m.

He walked downstairs and bought some cold medicine before he left for home.

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