Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 284 Repentance

Although he still had some complaints, Carlos was able to understand Sara's mother's feelings. She had made her choice, but he had not been able to let her stay with them because he couldn't support them all.

Seeing her father's expression, Sara could tell that Carlos still loved her mother. However, her mother was unwilling to apologize to him.

Jacob put his arm around Sara's shoulder, watching them.

Since Sara's mother couldn't chew well, he had made some rice porridge for her along with some century egg. He had finely minced the pork and the egg before he added it to the porridge. It tasted delicious.

Carlos scooped up a spoonful of it and blew on it gently before he fed it to his ex-wife.

Sara's mother sat on the bed, tears streaming down her face. After all those years, she finally understood that Carlos had never stopped loving her, but now, it was too late for her to live with them.

Since their divorce, she had grown older and weaker. She was no longer her carefree self, and she was no longer pampered. Although her second husband did love her, he did not love her as much as Carlos did.

In fact, there was no one in the world, who loved her as much as Carlos did. And Sara's mother only understood that after she had divorced Carlos. Ever since then, the sadness in her heart had kept growing.

Until the time she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor advised her that it was important for her to stay happy. But how could she be happy when her life was so miserable?

Looking at the bowl of porridge in Carlos' hand, Tasha Lin, Sara's mother, felt an indescribable sense of sorrow brewing in her heart.

She had left Sara's father out of her own selfishness, and yet she came to bother him in the last few days of her life. Although Carlos did seem to be upset, it could be understood that he still loved her because he did a lot for her.

This was the reason Tasha Lin felt sad. Carlos had loved her for so many years, but he only got her sick self. He knew that if she had not been sick, she would not have returned.

all those years, and she now had to take responsibility for what she did. There was no way for her to escape

old, he looked much older. And he looked that way because he exerted too much of his energy

about her mother. If Tasha Lin had stayed

was seriously ill, she was Carlos' only joy and hope. Carlos still loved Tasha Lin, even though she had gone bald and lost

of time. But her mother still did not seem to have any

but she would not admit it because she cared more about her pride than

they were willing to

suffer. Everything had happened too quickly for Sara. That morning, she had opened the door, only to find her mother lying outside their house. They immediately took her to

pour out of her heart from time to time. She was like a

mother, but on that rainy night when Tasha Lin left

to the streets in the heavy rain without hesitating or looking back. Sara waited

all the expectations and feelings she had for her mother. Her mother seemed to have disappeared without a

now, it felt as though the storm had just crossed their path, and Sara

had chosen not to remarry. It

like a disaster to Carlos that he could not escape from. But Sara hoped that her father could forget about her mother and start a new life.

to live that long without a partner, and to live with just his memories of his wife. However, Sara couldn't say anything to change his heart. She had watched her father waste away his youth, hoping that Tasha

the woman he loved, but Sara

of remorse, she would have forgiven

world who loved themselves the most. And because of that, they would easily

knew that her mother was that exact type, and that she was now facing her

punishment for Tasha Lin, but also for Carlos, as Sara knew that her

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