Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 285 Helpless

But Tasha made no attempts to apologize. After all, an apology wouldn't change a thing. It would be pointless.

And now, she sat, not uttering a single word.

The only thing Tasha could do was cry. Tears continued to slide down her chin. All the bottled up emotions she felt began to get expressed in the form of tears.

Jacob held Sara in his arms. Even though she kept saying something hurtful to her mother, Jacob knew that was not what she really wanted to say. Otherwise, she wouldn't have shed tears for her mother.

"Are you hungry? I will take you out for lunch," he whispered in Sara's ear. Jacob knew how to deal with the present situation. He had noticed a shift in the atmosphere.

The resentment Carlos and Sara felt had disappeared.

"Yes. I am not hungry but we should go out for a walk," Sara said, composing herself. Her father and mother had been separated from each other for many years. She knew they needed to talk in private. It wasn't nice to disturb their privacy.

Jacob put his arm around Sara's shoulder and together they headed out of the ward. Once outside, Sara felt calm and stopped crying. The depressing atmosphere of the ward was left behind. Instead of talking, she stared blankly at the long corridor of the hospital. Restlessness clutched her.

Her thoughts were in a tumult. She knew this was just the beginning, not the end. Her father and she had a long way to go. For some reason, this thought brought her discomfort.

As Sara was immersed in these thoughts, Jacob followed her silently. He knew he couldn't do anything to dispel her sadness. But for Sara, his companionship was more than enough.

She walked at a snail's pace as if the mere act of walking required a lot of effort. Jacob didn't complain. Being someone who was used to walking fast, he had a hard time slowing himself down. He hoped she was feeling better.

Not wanting to disturb her thoughts, he didn't speak.

of the hospital, Sara heaved a sigh of relief. Even now, she

a part that hoped she would return to us, regretting her decision. But as years went by, I realized I

lowered her head. She

going through a hard time, Jacob simply listened to her. The more she spoke,

a good life. But now that she is here with cancer, I feel

her face was bereft of expression. There

significance to her. At present, she was drowning in pain. She was thinking about the tragedy her family was facing.

for the life she had. Sara had shunned her mother out of her life. The

point to accompany their children. Their fathers seldom came. In my case, it was different. It was my father who always attended these meetings. Sometimes

maniac, she let out a laugh. She was laughing at her tragic life. This world was filled with miserable people. And today

went to her father. He, like her, was miserable too. She thought about his life. 'Did he want to run a company? Or did his heart contain some other ambition?' she thought and shook her head. From what she knew, he wasn't the kind

no free will. He perhaps spent all his life thinking about the day Tasha

mother has been out of our lives for more than ten years. I know my father. All these years he was waiting for her to return. When she left us, we thought she was perhaps angry with us and wanted a break. However, as days passed, we realized this wasn't temporary. She had no

her. She had never spoken about these pains before. Keeping a secret within oneself

intending to make another person understand her, but hoping that could let herself understand reality was indeed cruel and

already dead to me, why is it so hard for me to watch her die? She had hurt us more than anyone could ever hurt us. In spite of all this, my heart aches for her. She is still my mother and I want

was someone else who had it

People assumed he was doing fine. But only Sara knew how much he suffered. He

she noted, were quite sad whereas others had a wide smile plastered on their faces. 'Why

the present trouble that scared most people. Instead, people worried one trouble after another would attack them. Most people couldn't stand pain for a long time. Once it became

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