Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 286 I Love You

Sara heaved a heavy sigh. Her heart was inexplicably sad. Just when she thought that her father's life would never get harder, fate played tricks on him.

"Don't think too much. Everything will be fine. Don't worry, okay?" Jacob comforted in a soft voice. Other than giving reassurance that everything would be fine, he did not know anything else to say. The two continued to walk. They were too preoccupied with thoughts that they did not know how far they had already gone.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Sara lowered her head and looked at her phone. The screen showed that it was a call from her father.

"Sara, I won't go back to the company in the meantime. I think you'd better take care of it for a while on my behalf. I can't leave your mother alone. Her condition is bad and I want to be with her. I don't care how much you hate her. Past is past, right? The most important thing for me right now is to take care of your mother."

Carlos's voice seemed to be calm. Tasha was next to him, listening. After waiting for so many years, this day had finally come.

"I know, Dad. You know, you should also take care of yourself. Don't be too anxious. Life is precious. I know you're worried about mom, but you should also look after yourself too."

Sara concealed her emotions and did not say too much. She had anticipated that her father would make such a choice, so there was no need for her to support or oppose his decision.

Her mother could make a choice, while her father could be stubborn. This proved that they were indeed a family. After all, if they were not the same kind of people, how would they be a family?

"By the way, can you buy some desserts for your mother when you come back here later? She likes eating sweets. You two love the same thing," Carlos said to Sara happily. He had now figured out things that he could not before.

It did not matter whether he accepted the outcome or not. What must happen had happened. He'd better accept it for the sake of everyone.

Whether Sara's mother would apologize or not, was beside the point anymore. Besides, how could an apology make up for all the things that happened over the years? Carlos never blamed anyone in his heart anyway. That was why, there was no need for anyone to apologize.

you lose your hair in the process. What matters most is your health. Don't worry, I'm going to shave my hair too. I'll accompany you

that he never cared about her, so she signed

was not hesitant when she left. That time, she was so determined to walk away.

other half betrayed them. Contrary to those

of those people. He never once said 'I love you' nor told her

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anyway. Even if her second husband died, she would only shed a few

her early years, she went to someone to ask about her fortune. The Taoist priest who read her fortune described her as a person who

time, she did not take his words to heart. She even thought that it was just a lie. But now that she recalled the memory of that day over

Although fortune-telling was not absolute, her character seemed to

remorseful. All she knew was that she did not have much time left and that she had two people in her life that

Carlos was a patient man. He might have missed her for so many years, and he still did until now. The better he treated her, the more she would feel indebted

If I were you, I wouldn't have cared when you came back," Tasha said

that the truth should be said, but that is not always the case. Reality hurts more and is the most hopeless

the future. Please don't think about these

Now that Tasha was ill and could not handle stress, he figured that he must not say hurtful words. Well, he

be regretful. Everything has its own

white. Dejection was apparent in her face as well. It would be a lie if she said that she was not sad. How could she not be? She was in such a poor and pathetic situation. Although her heart felt like it was about to burst, she

was walking outside, she saw a cake shop along the way. She entered the shop and chose the cupcakes that looked

to do with my mother, but I don't want to admit it. I indeed like the same things as her. Actually, I'm afraid that I'll

bite of the cupcake. As she did so, some icing was left on her mouth. With a

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