Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 287 I Will Stay With Her

"I'm so sorry, Sara, for all that happened in the past. I messed up, and it's all my fault. I haven't been able to stop thinking about all the ways I let you down. I don't know how far I have gone in hurting you, and I don't know how hard it has been to you. I was wrong in treating you the way I did. Let me prove I've changed, and I won't be such a bastard again in the future. Don't worry. I will never be like that again,"

Jacob reassured while he hugged Sara and blamed himself. Because of their height difference, Sara resembled a weak girl who needed Jacob's care.

"I won't hold you accountable for what you did in the past. If such a thing happens again in the future, then you don't need to come to find me. It's quite easy for a person to disappear from other people's world. If you don't believe me, you can have a try,"

Sara threatened Jacob with a solemn expression on her face. Never did Jacob expect such a grave consequence to be possible. So at that precise moment, he considerably understood that once he missed Sara, he would never have that one chance to meet her again.

The two then both returned to the hospital. At the time they arrived, Tasha had been asleep for quite a while now. She had been in the city to search for Carlos. But since her return, no one knew how long it took her to find him. And no one could tell how much she had suffered through the years. But judging from the weariness etched on her pale face, one could easily surmise that she had lived a bad life.

Besides, people who genuinely lived a happy and contented life would certainly have a smile plastered on their faces. However, looking at Tasha lying on the bed, there was a trace of sadness in her.

After gently knocking at the door, Sara and Jacob went inside the room quietly. Seeing them, Carlos approached them promptly as he put his hand on his lips and whispered, "Hush!" He reached for the desserts Sara had bought and silently put them on the bedside cupboard before he pulled her out.

"Keep your voice down. Your mother has just finally fallen asleep. Don't wake her up," Carlos said carefully. His stooped back made him look so old. But his warm demeanor showed he held no resentment against Tasha, even though she betrayed him for more than ten years.

Sara couldn't help feeling sorry for her father. She merely nodded her head and asked in a low voice, "How's mom? What does the doctor say?"

"The possibility of recovery is very low, but her situation can be stabilized by chemotherapy. And at any rate, it can prolong her life," Carlos mumbled, lowering his head seemingly in worry. But then he abruptly lifted his head and looked excited again. No matter if it were only a tiny spark of hope, it would nevertheless still make him happy and grateful.

"Dad. Don't give too much thought to it. Whether mom could be cured or not, it is her fate. You don't have to bear too much burden. It's not your fault. And no one is to blame. Getting sick and die is a natural occurrence in people's life."

Sara nodded her head, consoling her father. She sounded like encouraging her father, but it was more likely she was trying to comfort herself. Although she maintained that her mother was heartless, she really couldn't be the same as her mother.

silence. But even though he

it. I used to think that I won't forgive her even if she comes back. But now that she came back for real, how can I not forgive

He didn't long for such a result, but it was too difficult

to be a stranger to him, Carlos might still forgive her, facing such a circumstance. Apart from that, he had also agreed to divorce her in the past. So he only thought that this

not shown his care for her at that

had reiterated several times, "I have divorced you just because you don't love me." That was why until now, Carlos always had this realization that

whole thing might end up differently. And if only he refused to sign the said agreement, this might not happen. However, Carlos neither persuaded Tasha to stay with him nor

after she made that choice? Carlos couldn't remember a lot of things at present, but he regretted his decision very much. Sometimes, the life of people could change drastically just because of a particular choice they made. And similarly, it considerably influenced the

words, Sara. No one can ruin a marriage if

these words. It seemed like he couldn't bear to express them that his chest heaved violently. If he could take a step back in time, he would try his best to convince his wife to stay with

failed to comprehend before. And if he had known it earlier, he would have acted on it

Who can live forever in this world? It's all one's own luck to be born, sick,

time, he felt better in his heart. He had to admit that sometimes he couldn't figure it out, and sometimes he was disheartened. But since he was

optimistic attitude, he had to face everything. And for Sara, he didn't

free, you can just come to the hospital to see your mother. I will be here with

on his face as he attempted to relax.

it to you," Sara countered softly. Undoubtedly, she wanted to stay. But

was high time her parents must catch up with each other. Sara's gaze landed into the ward and stared at her mother lying on the

a rehearsal for everyone, but most people couldn't resist the temptation, and

didn't want to stay alone at her parent's home. Although they hadn't remarried yet, she would

soon after the couple got married. But there were a majority of people who didn't care about the certificate at all. They believed that

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