Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 288 Full Of Passion

"It was true, don't deny it. I just haven't mentioned it before." Sara had a small scowl on her face and acted as if she showed no mercy.

"Okay, okay! I was wrong. I'm going to see what Winnie is doing." Jacob stood up and made his way towards the kitchen. His gaze travelled around as he walked, and that was when he noticed that there seemed to be no movement coming from inside the kitchen.

In the meantime, Sara started playing with Dora. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as the cute dog barked happily at her. Animals lived a simpler life compared to humans, which was why it was much easier for them to stay happy.

As she thought of this, her eyes were filled with nostalgia. She and Jacob had gone through a lot of ups and downs but the house was still the same and so familiar to her. Now that they were both relatively mature enough, they naturally had to pay the corresponding price.

Right now, Sara looked more elegant. The passing of time had done well for her.

When Jacob walked into the kitchen, his eyes darted towards the neatly arranged table. All the tableware were safely stashed away inside their respective containers and Winnie was nowhere to be seen.

Jacob strolled inside the place and turned his head around, looking for signs of someone present. The silence was deafening, and Winnie definitely was not there.

He turned his head once again and looked back at the living room. When he saw Dora placing her paw on Sara's hand, an unexpected laughter escaped him.

"What's wrong? Why are you laughing?" Sara asked. She raised her eyebrows and did a mini jolt upon hearing Jacob. As his laughter died down to a chuckle, he slowly approached them.

"It's okay. Winnie isn't here. It looks like you and Dora are having lots of fun over here," Jacob replied. He smiled softly before sitting next to her and placing his arm around her shoulder.

Sara raised her eyebrows and smirked at him. It was funny that Jacob would follow her closely wherever she went.

"Can't you live without me now?" Still wearing the smirk on her face, she slightly moved aside.

"Why? Don't you like me?" Jacob furrowed his brows, his expression turning more serious.

Sara shook her head. "I didn't mean it that way." She pouted her lips, acting like as if she was apologizing.

"Well, that escalated quickly." The man rolled his eyes and sat up straighter.

serious enough." She deliberately moved aside this time and gave him

Jacob raised an eyebrow

what will she think of you?" Sara curled up her lips into a sweet smile as she

Like you said, I'm not decent enough." The corner of his lips formed a smirk and she thought that he looked

fit of laughter. Jacob was acting like

looked at her for a moment

you smile? You've sure changed a lot. Why on earth are you laughing all

as well, so why can't I?" The tip of her finger gently landed on Jacob's nose as Sara tried to push him away.

me like this, I will be giving you some punishment later." He raised

What are you talking about? Let me tell you..." Before Sara could even finish her words, she was

hard into hers. As they sat on the sofa in

to stop him at all. In fact, she was beginning to

could feel her lips curling up into a smile as he continued to kiss her. Little by

Winnie sees us kissing like this when she returns." A blush had started to creep up on her cheeks as she tried to push him

okay. Winnie is not here," Jacob said, his voice now hoarse. He lowered his head again. At that same moment, the

smile on her face, Winnie cleared her throat and stared at the

his cheeks growing warm. He immediately stood up and straightened up his clothes at once. Afterwards, he extended an arm out to Sara and quickly pulled her up.

on how to act in front of Winnie. Her face was burning as if she were developing a fever. Feeling so embarrassed, she lowered her head and refused to look at

After a

a while ago." She didn't care if it was obvious that the topic was deliberately changed. Sara didn't

mother is sick, Mrs. Sara. I'll cook something delicious and light. You

gratitude. At this critical moment, she could still get some comfort from the people around her.

pleasure. You can now continue what you're doing. I'm going to work."

now?" Sara hissed. As soon as Winnie disappeared into the

his head and pouted like a

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