Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 290 I Am In Good Health

"Are you still here to think about your past?" Sara looked at Jacob with infuriated expression on her face. She couldn't help but feel her anger welling up as she thought about what Alice had done.

"No, I had a dream just now." He placed the photo back down into the desk.

"Humph! I know you still have feelings for her." She looked at him with dissatisfied eyes and took a few steps back. She looked pitiful as her teary eyes tried to escape his gaze.

"I don't, Sara. Who do you think I am?" he harshly explained. Then he took a look at her face and gently but playfully pinched her nose.

"Let me go. You always answer my question like that. Humph!" She kept turning her face away from him, and the anger in her face was gradually intensifying.

"Hey, Sara. Why are you angry? I really didn't mean it that way. I sent Alice abroad in the first place, remember? But when I fell asleep just now, I dreamed that her body was covered with blood. That's why I thought of her when I woke up,"

he explained further.

"Oh? Is that right?" She was skeptical, but she couldn't find any sign of lies as he explained his side. So she decided to let it slide for the time being.

"It's true. Why would I lie to you? I swear that if I don't tell you the truth, I will be hit with a thunderbolt every single day." He raised his hand as gesture of his promise.

She put her hand on his mouth, and stated, "Are you a fool, Jacob? Why would you swear something like that? If there really is a thunder outside coming for you, I could only imagine what you would do."

"Are you not angry now?" He took a glance at her and shrugged his shoulders in disappointment.

Despite her mellowing out a little, a pout still persistently appeared on her face. She remained in silent as it was actually much easier for her to get provoked at a time like this. He must have spoiled her.

She raised her head and saw his chin, along with the sharp features of his face. She stared at him for a long while, and creepily didn't even blink once.

"Am I beautiful?" He gazed over to playfully look at her.

your face?" She rolled her eyes at him to play

He wrapped his arms around her waist,

to say, say it now. Just don't touch me." Her face turned red, and that confirmed

Sara, you are really…" He didn't get to finish his words as he fixed his eyes on her.

away again like last time. "Well, let's go

back of his head with an embarrassed expression, and replied, "Really? Okay.

head in agreement. Then she silently turned around to swiftly walk out of the study. If she had stayed in the room for a few more

warmth in her heart. In the past, she couldn't get any sort of acceptable response from him, despite the fact that he was

held his hands and walked downstairs

time to time, and Winnie was certainly happy to see them getting along. There was nothing that

It didn't matter what she did—eating or doing

both of them went out together as expected. It was already in the evening, so it was just the

that the two of them hadn't eaten anything yet, she put

life. Although he didn't do

along the way. Things happened quickly today. She had a

feeling how things had changed fast in a

took a peak out the window and saw the same scene every day, but now that she looked at the same scene with a more careful, keen eyes, she noticed something different. Many people would ask themselves whether they lived in a different way every year, or if they lived one day and simply repeated

Since she was a firm believer that every day

was supposed to come would come, and what was supposed to leave would eventually leave. So she didn't bother thinking about those messy, convoluted things. It was already such a fortunate thing for her

knew she had to think positively towards the future. But she

reasons why she didn't want her mother to come back was that she only wished her mother could live a good life. But now she came back diagnosed with cancer. She decided that

bad endings wouldn't hurt so much. She stayed looking out of the window, spacing out and

She followed closely behind him. The two of them now looked more

hospital through the main gate, Jacob paused to look back at

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