Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 293 The Ending Would Have Been Different

"I will treat Sara well, so please, don't worry, mom. You just need to take care of yourself and I'll handle everything else, okay?" Jacob comforted Tasha in a soft voice.

"I know the way you treated her before, but I will not talk about the past now. However, if you are not nice to her, you will be facing my wrath. Even if it kills me, I won't stop,"

Tasha threatened, glaring at Jacob.

With a serious expression, Jacob looked at her and said, "I know, and I promise that I will be good to Sara. I was stupid before, but I have changed since. In fact, I am a completely different person now."

Tasha nodded. Apparently, Carlos had already mentioned that to her. Hence, she decided to believe Jacob's words.

"Okay, enough talking! Let's eat." Saying that, Carlos set the table and began to eat with Tasha.

He kept feeding her, and she smiled happily. Tasha too, picked up some of the food and fed Carlos.

Seeing that, Jacob and Sara felt that if they had been so loving before, then their lives would have been much different. However, that had not been the case. Sara glanced at Carlos, who was an introvert and sighed heavily.

Tasha kept smiling for she had not felt that happy in a long time. For many years, she thought that her life was cursed with melancholy, but now things were different. She had finally chosen happiness.

As Tasha watched Carlos pick up another spoonful of food for her, she felt as though she had been taken back in time. She did not have to do anything back then. If she had not left then she could have had a much better life now.

"Isn't it delicious?" Carlos asked softly, grinning like a little child.

"It is, this home-cooked food is delicious!" Tasha replied with a bright smile.

Even if there was some resentment in Sara's heart, it vanished before her mother's smile.

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feeling pity for her father. After waiting for all those years, he got the woman he loved when she was seriously ill. She could not help but wonder if her father was having mixed feelings.

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missing? Where did she go? What happened? Did you two fight again?" Jacob asked

mumbled, feeling nervous. She overheard their conversation and wanted to grab Jacob's phone from him

am angry. To be honest, I am not mad at her. You already gave me the money, right? That's why I did not take it from her as it would be pointless. And that's the only reason I refused her help. So, we fought again,

face paled with anger, but he regretted that Bess was gone. If something were to happen to her, then he would be

worry, tell me, where are you? Where did Bess go to?" Jacob asked nervously as he held his phone with his right hand and looked

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