Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 296 Apologize

"Are you really going to rub salt in my wounds, Bess? How could you say something like that?" Sara hissed, pretending to be mad at Bess as she sat down with her back to Bess.

"Well, I'm sorry, Sara, but that was not my intention. Who knows what's going on between them? I still don't understand it, you know?"

Bess replied, shaking Sara, which gave her a headache. "All right, I'll forgive you. I think Noah has spoiled you too much," Sara said with a sigh.

"What? Whose side are you even on, Sara? I am your best friend. How could you say such a thing to me?" Bess muttered with discontent as though Sara had made a big mistake.

"Of course I'm on your side, Princess, but could you stop making such a fuss? You're making me nervous. At least tell me before you do something like that again, okay?"

Sara said with a soft smile as she turned to look at her friend.

"By the way, please ask them to stop looking for me. Noah is going to be mad at me," Bess urged because she was too embarrassed to inform Noah herself.

"All right, fine, but stop rushing me. I'll call them." Saying that, Sara took out her cellphone and called Jacob.

Bess waited anxiously for Sara to disconnect the call. "What's wrong? Where are they?" she asked.

With a serious expression, Sara replied, "Noah was looking for you everywhere, but you completely ignored him, so he's really angry now. He's not going to look for you anymore."

"He has been so patient with me. I feel so guilty. Hearing what you said, I... I..."

Bess stammered, blushing.

"What? Tell me." Sara controlled her urge to let out a chuckle and pretended to be serious.

"I don't feel guilty anymore," Bess said with a snort and turned around, feeling upset.

"All right, all right, I was just kidding. Stop taking things so seriously. Wait for a few minutes, and they'll be here, okay?" Sara said, rolling her eyes at her.

so mean, Sara! How dare you lie to me like that?" Bess muttered

you're not angry anymore, are you?" Sara stopped dodging her, and they both

wasn't angry, I just wanted to teach him a lesson." Bess'

it had been when she heard a knock on

door or would you like me to?" Sara asked in

do it." Although Bess was excited to see Noah, she was afraid that he might be too angry, so she asked Sara to

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said, "All

Bess' bedroom. "Hold on, I'm coming," Sara cried out as she

door and saw Noah mindlessly trying to squeeze himself in after

wanted to say something, but then, she saw Jacob and

uttered her name, his eyes

up, throwing herself into his arms as she broke

scared to death. I am sorry, it was all my fault. Bess, I promise that I would never make you angry again. I will not argue or fight with you ever again, I promise. What happened today was all my fault and I am sorry. I didn't mean

having a good laugh as he had


Jacob asked in confusion and stopped laughing. Without saying more, Sara watched them. Her heart warmed when she thought that Bess had found a good

too. I shouldn't have made you worry about me. I am sorry for being so stupid and acting hastily," Bess said softly, hugging Noah tightly. Seeing that, Sara felt that she and Jacob

and they both walked out of

searching for her the whole night?" Sara asked. Although she was not actively searching for Bess, she did feel

asked, sensing Sara's exhaustion. He stepped forward and

are you doing?" Sara asked,


hesitation. Jacob stood up and walked steadily,

through lately. Lying on his back made her feel a strange

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