Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 297 I Hope So

"I hope so that they're a lot happier in their afterlife than they were when they were alive. They have suffered a lot while they were alive, but now, they won't have to go through any of that."

James hissed with a sigh, as though he hated the past. Jacob stood up, but could not say a word.

"Forget it, Uncle James, it's all over now. Though the past has been a terrible and regrettable one, I am with you now." Although Jacob said that, he did not find those words comforting enough, even for a smart man like him.

"Sometimes, I wonder if she still blames me..." Hearing James' shocking words, jacob was speechless.

Everyone was persistent about something. Perhaps, she was James'.

"Do you miss her, Uncle James? You could go see her, right?" Jacob said with caution, after giving it some careful thought.

"That would be pointless because I threw her ashes into the ocean after her death. She doesn't even have a grave. The only place she lives is in my heart." Saying that, James placed his hands on his knees and hung his head.

Jacob could see that he was in a lot of pain. He wanted to comfort him, but could not find the right words to say to him.

"Never mind about me. Go to bed, Jacob. There's no need for you to boil the water, I won't be needing it. I just want to sit here for a while. Good sleep has become a rare thing in my life. I barely get any sleep at all these days,"

James said with a heavy sigh.

That moment, Jacob felt as though he had grown ten years older.

"I'll sit with you, Uncle James, I am not sleepy either," Jacob said as he walked over to the couch. He could relate to the way James was feeling.

"I'm fine, Jacob, you can go to bed. There's a lot of troubles with the company too, lately. You should go to work tomorrow,"

James said in a low voice. Easy life was a privilege that no one had. Everyone had their own pains to deal with and James knew that better than anyone else.

sleepy yet, so let me sit with you

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out the window. "It's late, Jacob. Thanks for sitting with me, but you need to get some rest.

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Jacob waited until James went to his room before he dragged

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briefed Jacob on the company's strategies and Jacob nodded in reply.

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we do if he stirs up something new today?" Jacob

see what he would do. I believe that I can defeat him," James said in a serious tone, unafraid of the

that he would do something to hurt

that in a serious way, I was just trying to warn you that we should not underestimate him. He's nothing like we thought he was." James coughed twice, as though something was caught in his throat.

that he might not be so good at scheming against us. Looks like we could easily change him." Jacob's tone was calm, as though they were discussing about

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Jonathan changed. According to James, Jonathan had ruined his

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