Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 298 A Life And Death Struggle

"Ha! Does that mean that you can do whatever you want just because you're the boss? All of us who are under you have to bend to your every whim?"

Jonathan was skilled at turning the tables. He had already convinced more people to be on his side.

Jacob sneered. "What a clever trick! I didn't do anything I wanted, nor did I force you to do anything. You are employees of the company. These are the rules you must follow."

Jacob tried to keep his cool. Jonathan was egging him on. He could feel it. But, he wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

If he endured Jonathan's arrogance and rudeness, he would save himself a whole lot of trouble.

"Well, now you want to be a good person. What you did doesn't work!" Jonathan clocked in, and he walked towards Jacob.

The two of them looked at each other straight in the eye. The others clocked in and walked into the Shi Group building. Both Jacob and Jonathan stood at the gate.

Jonathan was shameless, acting so brashly in public. Once he began making trouble for Jacob, Jacob wouldn't be able to get rid of him. James watched them and heaved a deep sigh. Jacob was too polite, too kind.

If James were in his shoes, the fight would have already begun. However, Jacob was different. What he needed most was a plan.

James controlled his annoyance and watched silently from the side. He resisted the urge to walk right up to Jonathan and smack the smug look off his face.

"Jonathan, do you think I can't touch you?" Jacob raised his eyebrows, with anger in his eyes.

"Ha! I just don't like you. You want to get rid of me, but you can't do anything to me."

Jonathan raised his voice and eyed Jacob condescendingly.

Jacob heard laughter around him, and he felt disgusted.

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