Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 299 I Will Try My Best

James walked into the elevator with a look of dignity on his face.

"So, I'm really in danger now. I have offended a lot of people before, and these directors must be pissed off at me."

He smiled as if to mock his current predicament. It was not an exaggeration. He had to answer for what he had done before.

"No, it shouldn't be so serious. After all, we all know that although you are sometimes difficult to deal with, you just got to do what you got to do. And what you did is how you see fit for the benefit of the company. The company is thriving because of your efforts. If it were someone else who is in charge of it, they wouldn't have run the company as well as you."

James was experienced and knowledgeable, so he knew every twist and turn of running a massive company. This type of situation wasn't particularly new to him.

"Well, it's just temporary. Besides, we can't predict the future. Times always change. The only thing that we can be certain not to change is the fact that we are still moving forward."

It came in a whim, and Jacob turned into an eloquent man who spoke wise words. James nodded in silence. He clearly understood what his nephew meant.

"But there is one more thing I'm worried about. The rules you proposed for the board of directors may cause internal conflict and the whole thing might end up in discord."

James frowned as he spoke with a worried tone. Such a thing was the most difficult to deal with. Especially when it came to the interests of most people, it was inevitable that many would still resist.

There was only one person who resisted, and that was considered a minor conflict. But if there were many of them who opposed at once, that would be a straight up rebellion. Although the current situation seemed still under control, the new rules for directors had somehow harmed everyone's interests.

"When there are too many people resisting, we're not sure we have enough intel and manpower to handle them. But still, I don't regret making such a decision." Jacob, too, was full of confidence. Even though the current situation indeed seemed that the odds were against him, he could not afford to succumb to fear.

"I understand. I will try my best to help you solve these things, so you don't need to worry about not having someone to support you. I'm here with you every step of the way." James gave him a smile, and just then, the elevator door opened. Someone was coming in, and Jacob was headed to the CEO's office on the top floor.

"Thank you, Uncle." He nodded, and his assistant, Cindy, suddenly came in a hurry.

than usual. What changed?" She greeted

you going in such a hurry?" Jacob kept his calm demeanor. It looked as if he was

the thing. There's a certain very important document that I left in my office yesterday after I read the whole thing. But I

was suddenly reflected in her eyes. It seemed that

came to him as if he was a

organized in that file. What I'm worried about is that it's confidential. I should have reported it to you today, but I just can't find

exactly that if she really lost it

document?" He raised his eyebrows as if being skeptical. He thought about the

downstairs to check the surveillance video, but I didn't see anything significant that helped me with my search. I couldn't find a

anxious. Understandably, it was the first time in her career that she

it. Let's see if we can work something out to compensate for the loss. If it seems that we really lost it, we can sign another document with that company and declare our loss. It won't be much of

knowing that such a big problem just happened, but James managed to keep his cool and immediately thought

it turns out that I really lost it, I'll gladly take responsibility

while the look on her face remained

surely wouldn't just lose by itself. Someone must have a strong motive to steal it away. It's not

she felt like someone just pulled a thorn in her heart after

to find the document. It was the most important task right now. Although she didn't know where to start finding it, she believed that as long as she was certain that it was lost in the office, there would naturally

but also think about the document, but James was

is a good assistant. If she can't find it, it's not wise to put the blame

I know that, Uncle. I don't plan to blame her for this. I'm not new to this company. Her contributions

as he also observed Cindy

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