Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 300 Rest Assured

Even if he had to use his last bit of strength, Jacob decided to steel himself and that he would still hold on until the end.

The road was long, but never lonely. He had his own lover and family to support him along the way. The sheer difficulty of the task didn't bother him. He believed that as long as he continued to work hard, everything would pay off in the end.

Hard work might not necessarily pay off in the real world, but it was better than nothing. It was miles better than not doing anything at all to defend what was rightfully his.

He took another sip of his tea and began to read the documents one after another.

He frowned as he observed the documents piled up on the table. These were the new plans made by the directors, and some of them were the company's annual report.

These reports represented the company's future and performance, but as to how they were presented to him, they were nothing but a heap of numbers and words of data. Everything in this world could be expressed in the form of carefully organized data and reports.

From time to time, he would take a sip of his tea as he browsed through the files to at least replenish his energy and maintain his focus. He leaned over his hand to rest his head for a bit.

His temples were throbbing, he could totally use a head massage. He spaced out and stared into oblivion. Even though he was intently looking at the document, his mind wandered around being lost in the world of ideas.

"Knock, knock, knock."

"Come in."

He looked up and saw Cindy standing by the door. She stood there with the same anxious expression. The mixture of guilt could also be observed on her face.

"Mr. Jacob, something happened." As she spoke, she nervously walked towards his desk. She suddenly stopped as soon as she got to about one meter away from the desk.

his eyebrows in curiosity.

that document is indeed missing. To top it off, the other company seems to have found out about its disappearance.

company for a long time and was familiar with everything in it. Never in her entire career did she think that

she was feeling was overwhelming, but she pushed through and

they know?" He frowned. Those signed contracts were the evidence of cooperation, and that was a top secret document, so it was only natural to assume that

been neglecting our duties of keeping the document sealed away from any attempt of information theft. Mr. Jacob, I apologize. I sifted through a lot of places looking for the file, but I just can't find it. And I didn't see

the same, but one could tell it was gradually becoming more

any of this to grow even more complicated than it already is. It wouldn't be of much use for others who took that file, so you don't

almost no trace of

document was my responsibility. After this matter is settled, I will make sure to

determined despite facing such an otherwise devastating circumstance. All that was in her heart was a tremendous sense of guilt, and all that emotion gushed out of her veins that one

bird, frightened of anything that anyone

he couldn't help but feel a growing sadness in his heart. He knew what impact she had done for the company, and he was in no position to decide that one mistake would outweigh all those accomplishments. He just couldn't

some point of their lives, especially something like this. Besides, there was no reason for him to

resign. You know damn well that it's not an easy task for me to find a good

that he would triumph over something

I'm so sorry. It's my fault. I should have kept the document where it's safe. I locked the door, but before I knew it, the file

she began to sob, but it was not because of guilt. Her sobbing was more

his assistant, Cindy understood him better than anyone. Every day, he had to do more things many times over than most employees within

reason why someone could stand at the pinnacle of the corporate world must be that she or he had

the comfort that they deserved. She

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