Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 301 Accountable

Jacob rubbed his temples as he leaned against his chair. He stared at the ceiling in a daze, thinking about how such trifles had messed up his life.

Jacob felt as though everything had become blurry, the past as well as the present.

He stood up from his seat, wanting to make some tea for himself, but after filling about half a cup, he saw that there was not enough water. Jacob banged the cup on the table, feeling annoyed.

He then looked around the familiar place. However, he felt that there was something strange. Jacob suddenly felt as though everything in front of him had become distorted.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on his door.

Hearing that, he immediately sat upright and stared at the door before he said with a sigh, "Please, come in."

"I've got some bad news, Jacob," James said with an anxious expression as he walked in and sat on the sofa in the corner.

He was gasping for breath and took a minute to calm down before he continued, "Someone has come from the company that we signed a contract with and he's saying that he wants to nullify our contract."

"What? Didn't we just sign a contract with them? What's the issue?" Jacob asked, his eyes wide open with shock. His company was already in need of orders and companies to partner with and a company withdrawing its cooperation at a time like that could strike a fatal blow against the Shi Group.

"I'm not sure about the reason, but the man is waiting in our conference room as we speak. I tried to negotiate with him and failed. That's the reason I came to you."

Saying that, James wiped the sweat off his forehead. He must have come running and that's probably the reason he was sweating.

Thinking that, Jacob looked at him with concern and said, "All right, then. Let me go and talk to him, Uncle James."

Jacob stood up and fetched his coat before he turned around. "Does the company seem determined to terminate the contract? How did they find out that the file was missing so quickly? Doesn't it sound a bit fishy to you?"

"I don't know, but I have a feeling that it's complicated. You'd better be careful and try to keep our contract, but don't compromise too much."

knees with a serious expression and did not seem anxious as he was before.

to come with me, Uncle James. That way, we can find out what's the matter with them." With that, Jacob walked out

of the employees, but Jacob paid no attention to

employees watched curiously before they began to talk among themselves.

Jacob in such a hurry?" one of them asked.

have happened? Mr. James looked so

had the feeling that whenever Mr. James visits our CEO, it means that something big has happened," one

must be wrong," another

in the conference room, along with several managers from his company.

the room, the man glared at him without saying a word

man must have had some bad

greeting the man, Jacob noticed that he was


terminate our contract, do you?" Mr. Wang, the vice president from the other company, asked in a

lose a confidential file of our company. How could anyone dare to cooperate with such a business that

don't you think that it would be a rash decision to nullify the contract all of a

Wang while James sat down next

so small that you don't have

was about to lose his temper, but Jacob stopped him.

more people. Besides, strength isn't always in

loosened his tie, feeling irritated. However, the thing that bothered him the

explanation are you going to give us?" Seeing Mr. Wang's arrogance, the managers who were sitting next to him also

that the situation had worsened, James

looking for the document. It's obvious that someone did this on purpose. It is indeed my mistake that I didn't overlook things well enough. However, we have already signed the contract.

Mr. Wang had agreed to pay a large sum of money to cover for the liquidated

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