Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 302 His Own Way

This morning, Mr. Wang received an anonymous call saying that the Shi Group had lost the signed file. At first, he did not believe it. However, when he came to the group to verify the news, it turned out to be true.

Being worried about the future is inevitable. If something goes wrong at the moment, there would be a greater chance that something will go wrong as well in the future, right?

Mr. Wang was furious not because he was already prepared but because Jacob's attitude had been remarkable.

"Although we didn't want this to happen, it's still our fault. We can still talk about this nevertheless. Sadly, it won't be easy to make another deal. In that case, we should discuss this thoroughly."

Jacob's attitude was now so much better. Thanks to Mr. Wang, Jacob was now enlightened.

"Yes, you're right. However, I'm afraid we've lost our trust in you. Now, we can only take two paths from here. One, terminate the contract. Or two, find it."

When Mr. Wang finished speaking, he gazed outside the window. As usual, gray clouds rolled in the sky.

James frowned and pondered about Mr. Wang's words. There seemed to be nothing wrong with it. It seemed that he was indeed left with only two choices. Well, there was nothing else he could do anyway. He was not the one who had the final say.

"It's not my intention to make things difficult for you. Besides, negotiating is never an easy thing. I'm aware that reaching a satisfactory condition for both sides is, if not impossible, extremely hard. It's a pity that we have to terminate the contract just because the contracted file was missing. But since you can't even safeguard it, I think it's only necessary for us to end it, isn't it?"

Mr. Wang smiled. Despite the circumstances, he did not seem malicious nor sarcastic anymore.

The two managers did not say anything further. The vice president was right, so they could only listen.

"I understand. But we would appreciate it if you give us some time to find it. If we don't, you can terminate the contract or do whatever you like,"

a calm tone. His words were a little beyond Mr. Wang's expectation. In fact, the ending he had imagined was not like this.

attitude, Mr. Wang decided not to push him. Instead, he looked at Jacob seriously and said in a gentle tone, "As a matter of fact, I do

me?" Jacob propped his hands

guard. It was unclear what he was thinking at the moment.

"You want to know why I know that the

to seeing the astonishment on the faces of Jacob and James. Unfortunately, the

and said, "I see. I'll figure this out as soon as possible. Please give us some more time. Rest assured that we will be absolutely reliable

I'll give you three days to look for the document. Only if you find it will we continue our cooperation.

up, straightened his clothes, and took a

looked up cautiously and glanced at James. Then, he looked back at Mr. Wang's scrutinizing eyes. "I'll keep you updated, Mr.

Jacob first. The latter nodded politely as a response.

left, only James and Jacob were left in the spacious meeting room. With a frown, James asked,

Jacob answered with a

everything clearly. How could an anonymous person tip Mr. Wang for no reason? The one who had called must be the person who took the

As of the moment, there was not enough evidence to suspect anyone. Besides, there was a possibility that the document might have already

the file wasn't

the thought of this, his heart felt heavy as if

comes in numbers, and bad luck always comes in the end.

what's the purpose of his threats? There'll be no reason for him to come at us. I think it's highly

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