Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 304 Far From Unraveling The Truth

Of course, someone like Jacob wouldn't hassle himself to go on blind dates. A lot of beautiful women flocked around him. Not to mention, he had such a beautiful and perfect girlfriend, Sara.

But as an ordinary person, Cindy was not as lucky. Marriage might be trivial for Jacob, but for her, it was a big deal.

"Until recently, I had a boyfriend. He works in this company. But because the company has explicitly banned employees from dating, we kept it a secret. Where else can I find a boyfriend other than work?"

Cindy stared blankly at Jacob's eyes. Her tone sounded sincere, but she was definitely not pitiful. She knew that there was no excuse for her mistake. So, Cindy decided to solely take responsibility for this.

"So, your boyfriend took the file?" Jacob raised his eyebrows as he asked that question. Rage was slowly building up in his system as he heard about the real culprit. 'Why should she defend such a man?'

"I'm not sure, but I don't know who else went to the office except him. Besides, I always lock the office when I'm not there. The company forbade us from dating our colleagues, so I didn't know how to tell you this at first."

Cindy lowered her head. For some reason, she felt much better after confessing it all. More than that, she was ready to accept any punishment––be it a termination of her employment.

"It's clear to me now. So, tell me, who is this boyfriend of yours?" Jacob asked cautiously, not certain how he should go about this matter.

But deep down, he hoped that Cindy's boyfriend was not some typical douchebag.

"Can I not say who he is? I've already asked him about it, but he just keeps saying that he didn't steal the file. Besides, I'm not young anymore, and I want to marry him. So, I don't want this matter to affect our relationship,"

Cindy explained, obviously hesitating. But she, too, knew that there was no way out of this.

"Do you even know what you're talking about? Cindy, I've been nothing but good to you. So, you'd better tell me the truth. Besides, we haven't proven anything yet. If he turns out to be innocent, you can still go on with your plan of marrying him."

Jacob was so calm. He knew that lashing out would make her more hesitant in disclosing the guy's identity. Even if this matter had nothing to do with Cindy, her boyfriend was still involved.

But she was evidently still firm on protecting the man and their relationship.

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to confirm her doubts, her supposed boyfriend didn't come to work today. Already feeling anxious, Cindy knew she could not get through this if he was nowhere to be found.

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own choice, and right now, Cindy needed to make a choice that would ultimately change her life. Without waiting for Jacob to speak, Cindy prepared to walk out of the office. However, when she was about to reach for the door,

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was not closed, so Jacob took the liberty of stepping foot inside. At that time, James was busy reading some documents

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