Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter 199 Different Personalities

“If you continue talking these nonsense, I will tear your mouth apart.” Louise knocked on Cathy’s forehead and pretended to be ferocious.

“Louise. Like Luke, you can just call me Cathy and regard me as your sister.”

Louise nodded towards Jenny, who looked like a head of a crowd.

“Well, but I have never heard Luke call you as his sister.” Cathy seemed to be always telling the truth and making people embarrassed.

“Who said no?”

Louise started to become embarrassed.

At this, Luke put aside his telephone. Taking a glance at the noisy crowd, he said coldly, “Louise, you ‘ll go in the same car with grandma.”

Giggling, Cathy was covering her mouth and couldn’t help laughing. She held Luke’s hand and smiled to Luke, “Anyway, I will not go with you. I will go with Jenny. You are the one whose deeds are always contradictory to your words...”

Luke’s face changed colors out of emotions, “I will not go with you, either. You go on your own!”

“Cathy was too noisy. Just let Louise take Jenny and you can chat on the way.” Diana was caring about Jenny and worried that she would be bored.

The final agreement was that Luke would go in the same car with Cathy, and Diana would go with Luke’s another cousin in the same car, while Jenny would go with Louise in the same car.

Maybe it was because Luke did not make her pleased, Louise was not happy. She did not talk to Jenny too often in the car, but she still helped her when they were getting into the car, “Take care, the under pan of my car is kind of high.”

“Thank you, Louise...” Jenny responded politely.

Louise was shocked for a little while and then showed her smile, “Luke’s personality is not very good, but his wife is so sweet.”

Jenny lowered her head and smiled.

serious. My uncle, Luke’s father, is just serious, but he does not ask too much about his kids. You are so gentle and polite, he will not say something to be against you, but my

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been so calm when speaking in such a place. She indeed has the parentage

a hotel booth. We have three layers, the innermost of which is the head of the Lu Family. That is Luke’s father. Then it is us and our cousins, which is the

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“Did not Luke tell

Jenny shook her head.

kind of astonished, “He might have forgotten it. but he is

her chest, as if she was the head, “Do not be nervous tonight. Well, you are an actress, you should have been in many

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dinner, they had to abide by some specific rules. They went from a hotel

held Jenny, “Your room is opposite to mine, so we can play cards

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her head, “OK. See you in

it, without even telling Jenny. It was not known where he was

company. He is such a workaholic...” Cathy rolled her eyes towards the end of the Luke’s car, then she held Jenny into the hotel very happily, while she was telling the people behind to carry their luggage up

you get to know Luke? Can you tell me

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“So amazing...”

Jenny’s face became

“What else? What else?”

about the whole thing, “Is it you who pursued my brother or my brother who pursued you? Luke is kind of cold-minded, so it

a few things half true and half false, until

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around Jenny’s ears. When she was going out of the elevator, she saw a pair

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