Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter112 A Secret Investigation

The secretary pants and moans for a while before she finds out that Myles has actually stopped. And she feels a little embarrassed.

It’s just that the women around Myles are smart. Even under such a circumstance, they can still try their best to observe Myles’s words and expressions. Her suit jacket is casually on shoulders, and the shirt buttons are pulled loosely. Even though she has buttoned the buttons, the shirt still cannot cover her sexy figure.

She sits at his desk with her long legs folded together. The moment she lifts legs, everything in the skirt can be seen clearly.

But none of this arouses Myles’s desire.

The secretary then gets the point, sits down embarrassedly, quickly smooths the clothes on her body, and stand aside respectfully.

Myles leans on the executive chair and folds her hands on the table frowning and looking worriedly.

“Have you finished the job that I asked you to d last time?”

The secretary hears that, laughing out suddenly, “so is this what you are troubled with? You should tell me earlier so that we can have sex later.”

“Pardon?” Myles sits up with a jerk from his chair, “have you found anything?”


The Secretary touches his chest, points at his shirt and answers word by word, with confidence.

Myles takes her hand and says, “Show it to me.”

“Don’t you believe me?” She stamps her foot in a coquettish manner, throws a wink, turns and walks out of the office, “wait a minute...”

A yellow paper bag is on the huge desk. The paper and the bag rustle. Myles looks at what she has found in the document, and smiles.

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you ask me to gather information about Jenny?

“Are you jealous?”

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Myles’s face, skillfully raises her legs and sits on his legs,


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