Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter185 Live Together

“Sorry to bother you, grandma. Jenny is pregnant and you still have to take care of her,” Sky said with a worried expression, “ Maybe I can live in Luke’s apartment. I can take care of myself.”

“No bother at all,” Diana said. Then she looked at Luke and asked significantly, “Luke, what do you think?” There was a little bit of a threat in her words.

Luke looked at Sky expressionless and said coolly, “There are many servants here. You can also accompany Jenny.”

Sky’s face darkened slightly, but she still showed a smile, a little unwilling, “Will Jenny be unwilling? After all, I will definitely disturb her if I live here. We need to take care of the mood of a pregnant woman.”

When they were speaking, Jenny lowered her head and said nothing. Originally, she had no opinion on Sky living in the Flower House. After all, this house was big, wherever she lived, as long as she wouldn’t live with Luke in the same room. But Sky came to ask her opinion.

Jenny raised her head and found that everyone at the table looking at her.

“I certainly don’t mind. If someone accompanies me, it can be a little lively.”

After hearing this sentence, Sky’s eyes flashed a slight contempt.

Jenny had no background. In this family, she really had no right to speak. Even if she had, she just echoed other people’s words. Thinking about it this way, she thought that Luke didn’t care much about her. Perhaps he just looked for novelty and regarded Jenny as a fresh toy.

It would be nice as long as...he did not know that it was Jenny who saved him.

Discovering Sky’s contempt, Jenny frowned, and suddenly changed her idea. She slightly raised her chin and said coldly, “Lina, please clean up the guest bedroom on the first floor for Miss. Sky to live in.”

The first floor?

Sky’s expression changed, “There are many rooms on the second floor. I can still live on the second floor. The one I lived in last time is fine.”

bedroom. It was almost the same as the master bedroom. Everything needed was ready no matter the size or the decoration. The only drawback was that the room was too good. Jenny disliked Sky’s current air of defiance, so she wanted

the equipment on the second floor is in need of repair in the early spring. We will ask

glanced at Sky and

the circuit of the guest bedroom was in need of repair, right?

standing beside her went blank and then nodded her

She couldn’t do anything since Diana was present. She knew that it was clearly an excuse. When she

coming to live on the first

stunned and speechless for a

that she had dug

to the apartment with me these two

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the tablecloth, made him look like a nobleman

close to the hospital, which

was pregnant would believe this

for a moment. Her face was a little stiff and she looked up at Lu Luke in a moment of reluctance, with a somewhat coquettish tone in her words, “Luke, no one takes care of Jenny in the apartment. I can go there with you so that I can help

interrupted, “No, I will ask Lina to take care of Jenny. Luke’s apartment is not big, so you’d

try for it but Luke had wiped his hands and stood up, “I’m ready, take

outcome was

felt some

Seeing this scene, she pushed her elbow and said with an ambiguous expression, “Jenny, haven’t you finished eating? what

for a few seconds, then reacted, got up and left the table, “Okay,

be careful of the baby,”

Jenny’s back was

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