“Concubine Law” (played by Jenny) leaned on the wall with one of her hands on her chest and denounced firmly, tears falling down her cheeks, “Everyone says I’m dirty. For my next life, I would... i would definitely become the most famous actress in Jinling City! By then, i would never... ever... step in Zijing City till the end of my life.” When finishing her last words, “Concubine Law” suddenly glared with bulging veins in her necks as if she was clutched on her throat and her hands stretched out towards the sky just like trying to catch something, “Your Majesty... Your Majesty... you... you...”

In the original drama, it was “Your Majesty, you should have come to see me off...”. But Jenny figured out at the backstage that this doesn’t sound like the proud Concubine Law, who would not be waiting for the man who had broken her heart at the end of her life, because she was not afraid to die for what was right. Jenny didn’t know how to modify the lines until she was on the stage, fully resonated with the character. She just winged it. For someone who was about to die, maybe she had so many things to say, but she just needed to say the name of that man. And what she hadn’t said was a kind of sorrowful yet precious pity.

The audience erupted in applause. The author and the scriptwriter were very clear about the lines. The author spoke first. She was a young woman at her thirties. She adjusted her glasses and asked attentively, “You’ve changed the lines?”

It was dark so Jenny was not sure of the woman’s facial expression. She hesitated for a second and replied frankly, “I didn’t want to change it in the first place. When i was playing this role, i just felt that it might be more appropriate this way.”

The scriptwriter was a serious woman at her forties, who got control of all the lines so she didn’t like others to change the lines at all.She looked at Jenny frowning, “You felt? Have you read this book? You just changed the lines at random. I don’t think we can accept an inexperienced young lady like you.”

“What you said makes sense. But she did make a nice modification of the lines.” the young woman retorted friendly, “and her acting was great. I have seen the movie she played, which had won the Golden Bear.”

“So, you think she’s suitable for this role?” the director looked at the author across the scriptwriter.

“So far, so good. She did played “Concubine Law” perfectly.”

“Come on! Even if she did play it well just now, she will not necessarily get the role then.” The scriptwriter turned to the director with a profound look, “Director Wen, we should be more careful about this role, right?”

the director felt troubled remembering the call from the investors before

if this one is not available,” Jenny said with eagerness. When she saw the scriptwriter’s propound look just now, she understood that this role might have

now and kind of annoyed at the role just played by Jenny so he waved his hand impatiently to Jenny who still stuck there, “There’s no more. Time’s up.

Pure. What do you think?”

stopped for a second, “Concubine

thanks to her powerful family background, which helped to keep her from danger. There was a famous scene in which Concubine Pure ran into Prince Thirteen when she was chasing

role of a famous prostitute, tough and sexy, whom she just played a while ago. Jenny was worried that the image of Concubine Law she just played was so deep in the audience’s minds that her new image as

for a second

eyes, the director looked at Jenny with appreciation when she

in front of her, who just popped up out of the woods. Just a quick note, Jenny was indeed playing in

quite good, huh?” the author asked in a

We will take her. As for

Television Building with delight. She was wearing an oversize coat covering her body so that the director wouldn’t suspect that she was pregnant. It was long before the play started shooting. She might have already had her baby by then so there was really no need for her to ask

she gave Victoria a call, “I’m happy today. Let’s go have a feast.

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