Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter189 Caused a tumult in Marriott Plaza

"Would you handle it if I told you?"

"So many eyes are watching, you have my word if you are right, I will let all employees of this store get out of the mall, "

When she heard that, Jenny Jin felt that her heart was trembling. After Victoria's exaggerated modification, a sarcasm that the clerk said to her turned into that the person was giving her attitude, so Jenny wouldn't be surprised at all that if you let her repeat it again, it would be further escalated to insult and discrimination against her personality.

“The store manager asked you for compensation? How much did they want?”

The old man said, his face showed no emotion.

"RMB80,000, and they said that they didn't count me the oddments of RMB2000. It's almost funny, did I look like the person who needs that RMB2000!"

Seeing the pride on Victoria's face, Jenny Jin swallowed. Yes, yes, you do not lack the RMB2,000, but you need more.

"As for compensation, my friend will be here to handle it." said Victoria, spreading out her hands, "but they must apologize to me and my friend."

"Manager Matthew is here!" someone yelled at the door, and a man then emerged from the crowd with sweat standing in drops on his forehead. He was dressed in a decent suit with a manager's nameplate on his chest. When he saw the old man, he was so scared that he could barely remain standing.

“Chairman! What... What brings you down here today?"

"Humph, the mall would be turned upside down if I didn't come." sneered the old man and looked at the manager, "Manager Matthew, right? You are really doing a great job in the area, humph. I'd talk to your chair Mr. Ciao carefully."

They were in an internal conversation, Victoria understood enough to walk away. She patted Jenny Jin on the shoulder, "Hey, do you think this old man would exempt us from the compensation?"

Jenny Jin glanced at the luxurious decoration of the mall outside the store, and then turned back to Victoria, "Do you know who owns the mall?"

"How am I supposed to know?" said Victoria, and turned down the corners of her mouth, “I just got back from abroad not too long ago, how am I supposed to be familiar with these malls in China."

Plaza, the largest chain of large-scale commercial plazas in China, and the biggest industry under the Ciao

“So? ”

"So what, it is a big store, but it can't bully us

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George Ciao comes, things must get more interesting. The prospective girlfriend caused trouble at the store in their own mall and even called her future

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me! Offending people in high places inexplicably, how can

and ran up to Victoria, taking her by the shoulders and carefully checking the back and forth, right and left of her body, lest she could get even a

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had to bite the bullet and said, “Dad, don't bother about that and leave it to me. I'll talk to my brother. Let's smooth things

directly at George Qiao, "This is how you deal with things? Fortunately, this mall was not

"Anyway, you can't do anything to Victoria. It was the people in the store who were in the wrong for

originally standing behind George Qiao, but when she heard this, she thought that the old man was an unreasonable man at once. She pushed George Qiao aside and said, "Hey,

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