"Siblings?" Jenny was confused, "Does Luke has any siblings?"

"His uncle's daughter went back from abroad hearing that Luke was getting engaged. She had called me yesterday.His aunt has a son. Luke also has several uncles and cousins. They are all about the same age. You will have lots of common topics with them."

The Lu family was a big one and had many branches. Among its descendants,many were businessmen and politicians. Technically speaking,some relatives were very distant.A lot of them clung to the Lu family for its fame in Beijing .

Jenny smirked at the thought of it.

Rats leave a sinking ship and the fall of a distinguished family is often overnight. She vaguely knew the reason why Diana had moved to Xicheng many years ago.She just wanted to stay away from the political game of the Lu family.

Luke ,on the other hand,was even more insightful. He had almost nothing to do with the Lu family now except by blood. If a disaster really befell the Lu family, it was none of his business.

Diana looked painful on the plane.She couldn't stand the enormous sound of the plane taking off.

Jenny thought for a while. "Grandma, you might feel better if you try to take a deep breath and swallow."

Taking her advise, Diana looked much better.Then she signed, "I am too old to take a flight. I’m almost risking my life on the plane."

"You are in good health, and you will be longevity!"

"Stop lying to me. What’s good for longevity? I just want to be able to experience the birth of my first great grandson,which would be a relief to me for the rest of my life, or I won’t have the guts to meet my husband in heaven."

Diana was glad when she looked down and saw Jenny’s bugling belly.

It took more than two hours to fly to Beijing. Diana kept yawning and soon fell asleep. Jenny asked the flight attendant for a blanket and covered Diana with it. As the plane flew smoothly, she went to the toilet.When she passed by Luke, he took a look at her, but no talk.

she seemed invisible to him. Apart from a few glances at her occasionally,no more interaction.They had agreed to at least keep up the appearance in front of Diana.But now, everyone would have the illusion that they were stranger to

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girl looked about 16 or 17 years old, dressed in western style---a large silver ring on one ear,a loose hollow T-shirt with black lace and a revealed belly in winter.

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