The generation that was most familiar to Lu Family was at the innermost of the booth. Jenny was originally beside Cathy. When they arrived at the door of the booth, Cathy said loudly and surprisingly, “My feet hurt...”

Luke, who was walking behind them went forward to help her immediately. Cathy put Jenny’s hands around Luke’s elbow and walked out, “I am fine. Go inside. Grandmother has already been waiting for too long.”

Touching the elbow of Luke, Jenny stuck there. Were it not for Cathy’ words, she would have been pausing at the door longer.

Luke frowned a bit. A sense of deepness flashed in his eyes. He did not let her hands go, but made his sleeves tidy. He held her hands and put them in an appropriate place in his elbow, and then they walked towards the booth.

Sky Song walked two steps forward, then she was stopped by Cathy. “We cannot steal others’ show today. Do not forget that you are just here having a dinner.”

A sense of coldness flashed from Sky Song’s eyes. She took a cold glance at Cathy, “You’d better behave yourself and do not piss me off.”

“Well... I am very afraid of you.” Cathy held her own hands in front of her and made an exaggerating expression, “do you want to hurt me again with the boiling water?”

Sky Song’s facial expression became unnatural.

Cathy took a cold glance at her, “do you still me regard me as a little girl? Sky Song, you’d better behave yourself.”

At this, she turned around and her braids were tossed onto Sky’s face. Then she walked towards the booth.

At this moment, Luke and Jenny were sitting around the table near his mother. In the middle sat grandma. Her son and Louise were sitting beside her, then it was Cathy and some big boys who had the similar names.

It was known to all that the first son of Lu Family -- Ryan Lu, died out of an accident. His corpse was not even found. His ex-wife had been married abroad. His first daughter Louise had grown up in the yard, and she was going to take her father’s industry.

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