Alex’s words weighed in Beijing. Whatever he said could have Xicheng overthrown. So Jenny did not dare take his words lightly.

Diana told Jenny to put away what Alex gave her, then she got to know the kids one by one.

Diana was the most eldest, then it was Alex and his sister, who did not come back. Except Louise -- the biggest sister in the youngest generation, everyone was at almost the same age with Jenny. They all liked to joke, so this meal was not ill at ease.

The only thing that was embarrassing was that Sky Song chose some food gave it to Luke with her chopsticks.

Even though Diana coughed several times to imply that it was not proper, Sky Song still did not change herself.

Cathy winked at Jenny, “Jenny, Luke likes that bamboo sprout, you can pick some for him.”

Originally, Jenny did not intend to participate in it, but Cathy said so, and she was indeed near the bamboo sprout, so she could only pick some of it and sent it to Luke’s bowl.

Luke nodded his head lightly, then he ate some vegetables given by Sky Song. He did not even look at the bamboo sprout.

Cathy became unhappy right away. Were it not for Louise, she would have made a scene again.

All of it was captured by Alex.

He looked at Sky Song and said, “When did you come home?”

“I have been at home for a long time. I stay at Xicheng all the time, so you do not know that I am back.”

“You are doing great abroad, what makes you want to come back home?”

“I still prefer the life at home. I like Chinese food and people here. After all, I was born and raised here.”

“If you have any difficulty in your daily life, just tell me. I will help you. Your father and I are good comrades in the arm.” Alex felt a little sad when he mentioned his comrade.

Sky Song’s face became heavy and she squeezed a smile, “I don’t have any difficulty. But something is always out of people’s control. It will be great if you can really help me.”

The implications in the words were understood by more than half of the people around the table.

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Jenny frowned.

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