With Natalie’s involvement in the death of his parents, Shane’s relationship with her was destined to be irreparable; the intimacy of the past never again attainable.

When Sam heard that Shane wasn’t planning on investigating the matter, his heart settled back in his chest. But in the next moment, it leaped back to his throat.

“I’m not going to investigate my parents’ death, but I’ll continue investigating Grandpa’s suicide.” As soon as Shane said that, he pivoted and pinned his gaze on Sam. “Uncle Thompson, Grandpa committed suicide at Thompson residence, and you happened to be there when it happened. As such, you probably know something I don’t. Is that not so?”

“Of course not!” Sam hastily denied in a booming voice even as he guiltily averted his eyes. “Dad’s suicide was very sudden. He didn’t reveal any of his intentions before he committed suicide, so how could I possibly know anything?”

“Oh, really?” Shane naturally didn’t believe him, and his gaze remained riveted on him.


His uncle became utterly perturbed by his stare. Afraid that he would crack under the pressure and give the game away, Sam promptly made up an excuse and fled the room.

Shane didn’t stop Sam from leaving, merely staring at his retreating figure with profound eyes. The hands in his pockets gradually clenched into fists.

tell that his uncle was

know why Grandpa committed suicide, but he’s reluctant to tell me. And from his guilty expression, it seems that he’s the reason for


Shane retracted his gaze and


an hour or so, he finally exited the room, locking the door

and leave. Instead, he


no different from Shane’s parents’ room. It had been left untouched ever since his death, so dust and cobwebs took up

that it was to a significantly lesser degree. Besides, there were distinct footprints and

was either Uncle Thompson or Sean. They probably

that thought occurred to him, Shane sneered and

casually flipped through them. All of a sudden, his pupils constricted when he glimpsed a letter in one of

a letter from Grandpa to

then took the letter out, but he didn’t open it.

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