The letter then went on to say: But if your uncle and his family aren’t willing to behave, retrieve the will. I’ll be long gone and can no longer see their ruination. I’m not going to interfere in the matter anymore, but please don’t blame me for covering up for them. The whereabouts of the will lay with your parents.

The will is with my parents? Shane clutched the letter in his hands, his brows furrowing deeply. My parents passed away almost ten years before Grandpa did, so how can the will be in their possession? This is probably a riddle!

As he was mulling it over, the cell phone in his pocket rang out of the blue.

Corralling his thoughts, he hurriedly retrieved his cell phone. When he saw that it was a call from Natalie, he hesitated for a few seconds before finally answering. “Hello?”

Upon hearing the man’s voice, Natalie breathed a sigh of relief.


Thank God he answered my call! I thought he was going to let it go to voicemail. Although his voice was cold and indifferent, she was already ecstatic that he picked up the call. After all, he didn’t even reply to her message earlier in the morning. Now that he answered my call, does it mean that his anger has dissipated significantly?

“Are you off work, Shane?” she inquired.

The man on the line merely grunted in affirmation.

Nonetheless, a smile bloomed on Natalie’s face. “That’s great! I’ll come and pick you up with the kids, then. We’ll go home together, okay?”


Pursing his lips, Shane replied, “It’s okay, you guys go ahead.”


Hearing that, Natalie’s smile froze for a second. “But you’ve gotten off work, no?”

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