Slap! A resounding slap echoed around the room.

Clutching her face, Jacqueline was wholly stunned. “You dare hit me?”


The two children were also rather shocked at Natalie’s action.

But in the next second, Sharon began clapping her hands in delight. “You were amazing, Mommy!”

Likewise, Connor felt that it was indeed a fitting punishment for Jacqueline. His mother’s actions were gratified. However, he was a tad worried for Natalie.


Ms. Graham is very important to Daddy, so he might be angry when he hears that she hit her.

“So what if I hit you? Am I supposed to compromise no matter what you do?” In a frigid voice devoid of emotion, Natalie declared, “When you said that my children are bastards and a burden, you should have anticipated such a consequence.”

“How dare you?” Jacqueline’s face contorted into a mask of pure fury. Similarly, she raised her hand to slap Natalie in return.

Seeing that, Natalie’s eyes narrowed a fraction. Grabbing her hand, she again swung her hand at Jacqueline, landing it on the other side of her face.


with palm


onto the sofa, her head spinning

she? How dare


of enmity and wrath engulfed her, working her up into a lather that made her tremble

by a man’s deep and aloof voice. “What the hell

she immediately scrambled up from the sofa. Dashing over to Shane, she threw herself into his arms. “Shane, Ms. Smith hit me…”

you?” Shane frowned, clearly doubting the veracity

lifted her head and pointed at her face. “Look, this is courtesy of Ms. Smith. She slapped me twice!

that, she

prints on her face, Shane pursed his lips and looked

understood her — she wasn’t the kind of person who would hit someone without reason. Thus, there had to be a reason for her

the complaining Jacqueline, Natalie opened her mouth

in this matter. Ms. Graham provoked us first.” Pointing at Jacqueline,

What? Bastards? A burden?

dangerously as he looked down at Jacqueline. “Is that true? Did you really say such

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