“No, because that’s the truth,” Natalie answered expressionlessly.

All at once, Jacqueline’s eyes reddened. “Shane…”

“That’s enough.” The man withdrew his hand from her grasp. “Since the two of you have different stories, let’s just check the security footage to get to the bottom of this matter.”

Security footage?

Jacqueline’s pupils constricted, and a trace of panic manifested on her face. “There are spy cameras in the villa?”


Like her, Natalie gaped at Shane in astonishment.

However, it wasn’t because she was surprised about the presence of spy cameras in the villa.

Instead, she wondered how Shane knew about them since she was the one who had installed them, and she never told him about the matter.

“Daddy, Ms. Graham is panicking! She’s gotten scared after hearing about the security footage!” Connor exclaimed excitedly while pointing at Jacqueline.


Only then did Jacqueline realize that she had overreacted at hearing about the security footage, so much so that she had tipped her hand.


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