Speaking of that, Jacqueline inhaled before continuing, “As long as Ms. Smith can’t tolerate the insults, she’ll definitely leave of her own volition. And so, you won’t have to feel conflicted about facing her anymore, Shane.”

“Jacqueline Graham, you know full well whether you’re really doing it for my sake or your own sake.” As Shane stared at her, his eyes narrowed as though he had seen through her.

Stricken, Jacqueline instinctively averted her gaze. “Of course, I’m doing it for your sake, Shane. I’m now dating Jackie, so I’ll never betray him.”

“Hopefully, that’s true,” Shane coldly asserted.

Upon seeing that he wasn’t planning on pursuing the matter, the woman breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at him, she then asked, “So, what do you think of my idea, Shane? Since you don’t know how to face her, separation is the best choice.”


“This is a personal affair of mine. I don’t need you to poke your nose into it.” Shane pursed his lips impatiently.

However, resentment inundated Jacqueline. “Don’t tell me you’re reluctant to part with her, Shane. Ms. Smith is one of the culprits behind your parents’ death. What would they think if you continue being with her and even help to raise her two kids?”

“That’s enough! Get out! My affairs are none of your business!” With his face blanketed with frost, Shane pointed at the door.

dare confront him further. She deliberately softened her voice and murmured, “Alright, I’ll leave. But Shane, I hope you’ll really consider




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