“What did you just say?” Natalie’s jaw dropped. “You had your own suspicions as well?”

“Yes.” Connor nodded in affirmation. “I bear a close resemblance to Mr. Shane, after all, so it was only natural for me to suspect that he’s my father.”

Hearing that, Natalie dipped her head without saying anything further.

Well, that’s true. Considering their striking resemblance, I dare say for certain that Shane was indeed the man I was with that night all those years ago! But… Why did the results of the paternity test indicate otherwise?

“Mommy, do you remember the first time he visited our house?” Connor took her hand. “That time, I accidentally yanked out a few strands of his hair.”


At that, understanding dawned upon Natalie. “It was deliberate on your part, Connor?”

“Yes. I suspected he was my father, so I deliberately acquired his hair and asked Uncle Stanley to do a paternity test between him and I. The results were exactly as he said. Sharon and I aren’t his children,” Connor replied.

All at once, Natalie’s vision blurred. Only her timely grasp on the banister saved her from a bad fall.

Even if the two paternity tests done by Shane were falsified, Connor’s couldn’t have been falsified, no? So, the kids are really not his children? But whose children could they be, then?


She propped a hand against her forehead, her entire body feeling as though it had been encased in ice.


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lightly in consolation. “Mommy, there’s nothing to apologize for. You’ve always loved Sharon and I very much. You’ve done your best to protect us, so we’re very happy. You don’t need

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that, Natalie gaped at him.

I will also help you patch things up with him. We’ll figure out a way to revert him to his past self. But if you don’t want to stay with him, we’ll go back

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