She wanted to watch it again to ascertain whether she had missed anything.

She needed to know whether it was Shane that night or another man who bore a close resemblance to him.

However, after she watched the security footage, she was all the more certain that it had indeed been Shane.

Why did all three paternity tests indicate that the kids weren’t his then? What exactly went wrong?

At that thought, a shiver ran down her spine, and goosebumps broke out all over her.


She felt as though she had fallen into an abyssal trap that she could never again crawl her way out.

Tossing her cell phone away, she sprawled onto the bed wanly and stared at the ceiling.

Her gaze remained vacant for a long while until her eyelids started growing heavy. Only then did she turn on her side and close her eyes.

Everything that had happened in the past two days had been a great burden to her, exhausting her both physically and mentally. It was so taxing on her that she couldn’t even sleep well at night.


finally feeling drowsy, she


by a great thirst. Massaging

she flipped the covers and got


she stepped out of the room, she was greeted by a sight that had her

the guest room in which Shane

then turned around. When she caught sight of Natalie, she was stunned for a moment before her lips curved into a smile. “Good evening,

respond to her greeting. “Ms. Graham, why are you coming out of my husband’s room at

her wig. “Oh, that… Well, it’s nothing scandalous. Shane just came home, and

didn’t even tell me he was going to

into fists, and her voice hardened. “Oh, really? Then, I’ve really got to thank you for taking such good care of my husband,

in the room, so I’ll go

she made to descend

now here, I should naturally be the one to take care of him since I’m his wife. So, you don’t have to

only right that

how the world works. Don’t forget; I’m his wife, Ms. Graham. He has me, so it shouldn’t be you taking care of him. The person you should be caring for is Mr.

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